The Goal Of The Church Is To Become A Beautiful Bride For Christ – Chairman

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, has said that the church is to become a beautiful bride without spot or wrinkle to be presented to the Bridegroom, who is Christ.

He explained that the church, like any other establishment, has a goal, however, the purpose must not be mistaken for a goal. According to him, the purpose of a thing is the reason for which that thing was established. That is, the goal is the end result or the terminal point of that thing.

“The purpose of the church is to possess the nations, but our goal is to become a radiant church without blemish to be presented unto Christ our Lord,” he expounded.

The Chairman said this on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 7th edition of the Ministers and Wives’ Conference ongoing at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh near Kasoa.

Speaking on the topic; “A Glorious Church to Possess the Nations,” Apostle Nyamekye noted that “the church has become very programme-packed and activity-oriented and this, if not checked, could cause the church to lose focus on her goal.”

He added that programmes and activities organised by the church are there to aid the process of achieving the goal, but they are not the goal of the church. “Let us not lose focus, let us keep in mind our goal, our end, which is to become a Glorious Church to be presented unto Christ,” he advised.

In his presentation, the Chairman touched on two vital areas that will help the Church realise its goal; the moral purity of the Church and the doctrinal purity of the Church.

Speaking on moral purity, Apostle Nyamekye posited that the Glorious Church must have two attributes; Agathos (morally and ethically good) and Kalos (aesthetically and beautifully good).

Reading from 2 Chronicles 22:5-7, the Chairman explained that David instructed Solomon to build a church that would have great magnificence, fame and splendour, in the sight of all the people.

“Implying that the Church must be beautiful on the outside and must demonstrate the loving character of Christ so that the watching world will look on and testify that indeed Christ was sent from God to redeem the world unto Himself and the Father,” he opined. (John 13:34).

He further expounded that the Church must have moral and ethical beauty. Reading from Ephesians 4:11-13, Apostle Nyamekye noted that “we all form part of the Church, no one person is the whole, but a part, as such, we must endeavour to live holy lives so that the end of the Church will be blameless, spotless and without any wrinkle.”

“Every leader is called to form a part of the body of Christ, which is the Church, and to mature into the fullness of Christ Himself; therefore, a crooked person cannot be part of this ministry,” he reiterated.

Touching on doctrinal purity, the Chairman stressed that the Church is a treasured property of Christ and must be protected from all false teachings and diabolic doctrines that may sway the Church away from the love of Christ. He, therefore, admonished all church leaders to make conscious efforts to present the unadulterated word of God to the church.

He added that “with great zeal and godly jealously fight against every false teaching and evil doctrine that may be spreading among the members so that we will not lose the cherished treasure of Christ, which is His bride, the Church.”

“The goal of the Church is to become a beautiful, radiant bride without wrinkle, a Glorious Church, if we miss this goal, we ran the risk of running in vain,” he concluded.


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