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All Is Set For A PCC Revival

After several days of great anticipation, the 7th edition of the Ministers and Wives’ Conference (MWC’20) is finally here again. This year’s event is being held at the state-of-the-art Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh, near Kasoa.

The week long-event would primarily focus on providing the 3,500 participants more insight into the church’s 5-year strategic vision dubbed: Vision 2023, and the theme for the year 2020, through word ministrations, prayer and fasting.

Vision 2023 has as its overarching theme, “Possessing the Nations – Equipping the Church to transform every Sphere of Society with the Values and Principles of the Kingdom of God”.

It essentially means that in each of the five years (2018-2023), a theme will be drawn out of the overarching theme, “Possessing the Nations.” These themes would gradually lead us to the ultimate goal of transforming every sphere of society with Kingdom values and principles. The first theme drawn out from the vision was, “I Will Build My Church” which sought to highlight the dual purpose of the Church as one called by God to Himself and sent back into the world to serve God’s purpose.

The second theme that has been drawn out is the current theme of the year; “A Glorious Church To Possess The Nations” (Ephesians 3:21, 5:27). This theme focuses on the goal of the church, which is to be a beautiful bride without spot or wrinkle. To achieve this, conscious efforts are being made to make the church more attractive to the watching-world and thus make the testimony of the church more credible.

To give ministers a better understanding of the theme, expositions on some topics under the theme for 2020 would be treated at the conference. The topics include “A Glorious Church to Possess the Nations,” “The Church: Called to a Holy Living,” “Living a Life of Integrity as a Christian,” “The Christian and the Lordship of Christ,” and “Possessing the Nations through Prayer,” among others.

Also, of importance in the Vision 2023 agenda is the call to address the many existing worldviews and philosophies that contradict the values and principles of the Kingdom of God, one of which is secular humanism. As a result, a well-researched paper on Secular Humanism was presented by the Teshie Nungua-Area Head, Apostle Dr. Alfred Koduah on first day of the conference.

Beyond the teaching and regular prayer sessions, there are also workshops where some of these topics are further discussed as a measure to deepen participants’ understanding of 2020 theme.

All these have been purposely introduced to equip ministers and wives to be able to discharge their mandate at their various stations.

It is believed that these topics, together with other equally essential engagements, will amply create the desired thirst in participants, to avail themselves to building a glorious church for our Lord Jesus Christ, a church that will be credible enough to transform all spheres of society.

Taking all these into consideration, one can easily say that the leadership of the church has gone to extreme lengths and painstakingly put together this refreshing and life-transforming conference, and it, therefore, behooves all ministers and wives to open up to discern the move of the Spirit, drink deep from Him and feed heavily on His Word.

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