Uphold Holiness Even At The Peril Of Your Lives – PUC Rector Tells Ministers

Every minister of the Gospel must earnestly desire and aspire to be like Christ and exhibit His character of holiness at all cost, Apostle Dr Daniel Okyere Walker, Rector of Pentecost University College (PUC), has said.

Apostle Dr Walker, who is also an Executive Council Member of the church, has, therefore, charged ministers and wives of The Church of Pentecost to endeavour to lead holy lives at all times since Christ Jesus is always calling men to holy and righteous living.

“In the present world in which we live, it has consistently become difficult to live holy lives. The church is no longer associated with holiness” he decried and charged that “We need ministers who are willing to live holy lives even at the peril of their lives”.

Presenting a paper on the topic; the Church; Called to Holy Living at the Ministers and Wives’ Conference (7th edition) on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, Apostle Dr Walker indicated that holiness was a hallmark of The Church of Pentecost in its formative years. As such, we needed to continue to uphold this cherished value as ministers of the church in this age.

“As a holy church, everyone must be in the position to contribute to the mission of the church, and for us as ministers, we have no excuse not to live holy lives because holiness is one of the moral attributes of God that He wants to share with the church,” Apostle Dr Walker asserted.

He also indicated that the founder of the church, Pastor James McKeown laid much emphasis on the concept of holiness in his teachings to the extent that “holiness consequently became a lifestyle of the church”.

Apostle Dr Walker intimated that church leaders must be sincere in their ministry and exhibit a high level of integrity and holiness in their ministerial functions.

He further advised them against any manipulation that will become a spot in their quest to be holy. Referring to Genesis 27:18-27, the Rector cited Jacob as the supplanter who manipulated the system and wanted to use people to save his skin.

Apostle Dr Walker encouraged the ministers not to be discouraged by the challenges that militate against the demonstration of Christ’s character of holiness notably postmodern permissiveness, pressure of the people, the media, social activities, hypocrisy, and the notion of living under the canopy of universality.

“If the people of old were able to live holy lives in the midst of corruption at their time, the church of today has no excuse but to live holy lives,” Apostle Dr Walker said.


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