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Always Have Eternity In Mind – Chairman

Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, has re-emphasised the need for Christians to think and behave as people with eternity and the future in mind.

Addressing the ministers and wives of The Church of Pentecost across the world at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) near Gomoa Fetteh, on the characteristics of the church unleashed, the Chairman iterated that it is not enough to say the church is unleashed when what it means has not been digested well.

“Teach the members what it means to be in the fortress of the church and what it means to impact the world. Teach them to see their work as a calling. They are a royal priesthood called to minister at their workplace,” he advised.

Apostle Nyamekye called on believers to practice whatever they learn in church, saying, “Church is about practising what you have learnt. There is so much life and power in scripture that teaching it can change situations. God’s word must shape the conscience of every Christian and let everything be scrutinised by scripture.”

He opined that righteousness serves as the basis of every society and nation. Apostle Nyamekye thus said the Church has a great task to perform in this regard.

“As a church unleashed, let’s find out what unique ministries we can embark on in society. We must target groups in the community for ministry,” he said, adding, “It is not about our seating capacity but sending capacity. We must send our members to minister outside the church’s walls.”

Citing Daniel as a case study, Apostle Nyamekye declared that Daniel did not just stick to religiosity but transferred it into spirituality. He defined spirituality as ‘the manifestation of the Spirit of Christ in your life’.

He reiterated the call for Christians to see their secular works as sacred because God, who is interested in the church, is also interested in banking, academia, and politics.

“Your secular work is as important as the clergy. God has gifted us with different graces and abilities, so use your abilities to do ministry. The Holy Spirit is still in you when you go to your workplace. You can’t say this one is secular. Everything is an act of worship,” he disclosed.

Spicing his exposition with sketches (short movies) on real-life situations, Apostle Nyamekye drove home the point that politicians only think of the next election, but Christians must think about the future of the nation and life in eternity. He said this mindset and attitude will make the Church concerned about the development of the nations and holy living.

Apostle Nyamekye advanced that the church must get into the affairs of society; otherwise, its light will not be felt, saying, “What is the use of light if it cannot penetrate the darkness?”

He made a passionate call for daily congregational prayers for the nations where the church operates. 

He cautioned against a lopsided approach to ministry where some churches focus on souls or social services.

“The church unleashed is involved in both soul-winning and social services because persons are not isolated individuals but embedded in society,” he instructed.

Apostle Eric Nyamekye asked Christians to work to revere God and avoid giving excuses.

He directed that every member of the church should be unleashed and assigned a ministry where they live and work.

“People progress when they are in frontline ministry. Get them unleashed to do ministry everywhere for their spiritual growth,” he concluded.


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