As You Are Expecting: A Message To Pregnant Women

I became a mother for the first time a few years ago. It is such a blessing to be handed God’s gift to take care of. Before I conceived, I saw myself as a mother-in-waiting, and I strongly believe that every woman who desires to have a child shall soon carry it in her womb and in her arms. No one shall be left behind; we are all going to experience motherhood no matter how long it takes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I realised during my pregnancy, which I believe has been under-discussed, if at all, and I pray for the Lord’s help as I seek to address it through this post.

I’m able to write this because I have been pregnant, have had conversations with pregnant women, and read other people’s stories. I think I have enough to share with an expectant mother in the same situation.

I heard many strange stories from mothers during my first pregnancy a few years ago. I heard so many scary stories over such a short period that, at a point, I thought I was going to lose my baby. The fear I felt was indescribable. My fear was exacerbated by the inexplicable similarities between the stories told to me by women from completely different circles of my life.

The most common of these was the maternal mortality stories. Almost everyone knew someone who had died during childbirth. It didn’t help that social media was always awash with pictures announcing the “Painful Exit” of one woman or another while they were pregnant or giving birth.

It is a painful thing to see, but when you witness such while pregnant, you begin to feel like that is more the rule than the exception, and if you are truly not strong in faith and fortified by the Word of God, you might even assume that yours will not be any different.

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, talks about “a force in fear that can make a person paralysed”. I believe these stories are meant to do one thing only: grip your heart with FEAR and consume your mind, even leading to unnecessary and unpleasant dreams. Fear awakes, fear asleep. Fear that everybody wants to harm you or your unborn baby, especially the unfortunate person who dares ask when you are due. Mercy Lord! That is the paralysis of which the Chairman speaks.

The fear of losing your life or your child or both your life and your child is a product of the toothless bulldog called the devil. And all our years in Christianity have told us nothing fights the devil better than the earnest prayer of a committed man or woman.

My dear pregnant woman, take your place in prayer. Being pregnant as a Christian is, in some ways, a spiritual warfare because we hold the key to delivering godly seeds to populate the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The devil will make sure you do not have a smooth journey. You need to consistently pray, renew your minds and speeches with the word of God daily and make positive, godly declarations about your babies and yourself.

Fear can make you lose anything and everything, including your precious life. Job 3:25 says, “What I’m afraid of is what has come upon me”. Do not give in to fear, lest what you are afraid comes upon you. With a serious tone, I charge you to take your place in Prayer. Study the word and claim the blessings of pregnancy.

Declare with aggressive faith, saying:

  • “I’m seated with Christ in Heavenly place where miscarriages and death do not occur.”
  • “My womb is not a grave to carry dead babies.”
  • “I shall deliver my baby in perfect health and condition.”
  • “I shall not die, neither will I lose my baby.”
  • “I’m coming out of the delivery room with my baby or babies in my arms.”
  • “I shall attend my children’s graduation. “
  • “I shall attend their weddings, not their funeral”.

Keep declaring every day, even after birth. Remember, you are the product of your words. Battles are won in the mind before they are won physically. David in the Bible killed Goliath in his mind before he died in his hands. The state of your mind affects the conditions of your life. Feed your faith with the word, and your fear will vanish!

Please share this post to save a pregnant woman. God bless you.

Written by Mrs. Priscilla Baah Kumi (Kanjarga District, Bolga Area)

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