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Let’s Resist The Pushback And Place Jesus In Society

A civil servant at the legal department at the office of the governor of Luxembourg, Mr Marc Berger, has praised the E-church initiative of The Church of Pentecost, expected to be rolled out as part of the Vision 2028 agenda. 

Mr Berger, a guest at this year’s Global Ministers and Wives’ Conference of the church, could not hide his excitement as he shared how he came to accept Christ and fellowship with the church in Luxembourg.

Mr Berger said though he grew up in a Christian environment, he went wayward and got into serious addictions until Christ saved his life. 

According to him, getting a church to fellowship with after his conversion was becoming difficult until he googled a church in Luxembourg, and The Church of Pentecost popped up in the search. He said that he had a great assurance of salvation and transformation after joining the church.  

“Let’s use every resource at our disposal to resist the pushback and place Jesus in the physical and virtual space,”‘ he entreated.

He said that, but for the internet, it would have been difficult for him to have a group of people who loved the Lord to fellowship with. He was glad that the church was taking back its place in society to ensure the holistic transformation of lives, even in the virtual space.

“I have been truly blessed by Vision 2028, which calls to reach out to everyone with the gospel. In Europe, we have this challenge that the church has been pushed back from society,” he said. 

He added: “Unfortunately, we have accepted this fate, but Vision 2028 wants us to take Jesus back to society to provide light and refreshment and to bless people.”

He said he has been encouraged to go back and live more actively at his place of work.

“I’m inspired to live my Christian life more actively among friends, family and place of work and wherever I go because in Europe, people are very reluctant to read the Bible, but when they see someone who is different, the person’s life becomes the first Bible they will read and become intrigued to get closer to Christ,” he reckoned.

He admonished Christians everywhere to live their lives to show forth Christ by living the gospel out to attract people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. 

He indicated that the Workers’ Guild is a game changer because even in Europe, people consider their secular work as a separate issue and Christian life as private, stressing that “collaborating with other people of faith will make us bold to let our light shine together in the world.”

Mr Marc Berger said another key thing about Vision 2028 for him is the intergenerational approach to ministry. He said it would help to debunk the notion that some things are so holy for children to come near and make them accept a relationship with Christ early in life.

‘I want to humbly request that the virtual ministry of the church will also factor the intergenerational approach into its programming to ensure that the younger generation is not lost’, he suggested, adding, “The devil’s target is the youth and children. The church must target and rescue them from his claws.”


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