292 Students Accept Christ During Apeguso SHS Outreach web

292 Students Accept Christ During Apeguso SHS Outreach

Two hundred and ninety-two students of Apeguso Senior High School surrendered their lives to Christ during a three-day outreach organised by the Schools Outreach Ministry of Apeguso District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The event, which started on Friday, February 9, and concluded on Sunday, February 11, 2024, featured Morning Devotion, Dawn Broadcast, Gospel Presentation, Purity and Leadership Seminars, Movie Night, and Celebration Service.

Held under the theme, “The Enabling Power of Christ for Academic Excellence” (Philippians 4:13; John 15:5; 2 Timothy 1:7), the event focused on equipping students holistically and unleashing them for excellence.

Speaking on the theme, “Keys to Excellence and Fulfilment in Life: the Case of Daniel” on the opening day of the event, Pastor Clement Amankwa, the Apeguso District Minister, revealed that true fulfilment in life is premised on peace with God, which is possible through conversion and the New Birth. In response to the gospel, 167 students gave their lives to Christ.

An altar call made on Saturday, February 10, in the aftermath of a Movie Documentary on the reality of Heaven and Hell, saw 125 persons surrendering their lives to Christ and 80 others rededicating their lives.

Among the new converts was the daughter of a Fetish Priest. She was responsible for beating drums at the Shrine and had the chance to attend church for the first time. She responded to the gospel in tears and requested to be baptised in water.

Another student confessed that she was chosen to replace the fetish priest in her hometown and felt she had been liberated through the prayer sessions and, thus, surrendered her life to Christ.

Several students testified to their willingness to reform and yield their lives to Christ after the Seminar on ‘Breaking Free from Addiction’ held on Saturday afternoon.

Over 700 persons attended the program, including Mrs. Victoria Asabea Badoo, the Headmistress; Rev. Samuel Gadasu, a teacher and a pastor with Light House Chapel; Ps. Joseph Nickson; Elder Daniel Lomo, a teacher and the District Secretary; Elder Benedict Foley, District SOM Coordinator; teaching and non-teaching staff and students of Apeguso Senior High School.

Report by Apeguso District Media Team

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