Women Are Suitable Partners For Men – Mr.s Nyamekye Asserts web

Women Are Suitable Partners For Men – Mr.s Nyamekye Asserts

Mrs. Mary Nyamekye, the wife of the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, has asserted that God purposefully created women to be suitable and compatible partners for men.

Mrs. Nyamekye said this while exhorting women in the Kasoa Area of the Church on the topic: “A Virtuous Woman: An Excellent Partner to the Man.”

Using Genesis 2:18-23 as scriptural references, she explored the biblical perspective of a virtuous woman.

She explained that the term “Virtuous” encompasses various qualities that make a woman an excellent companion.

Mrs. Nyamekye noted that a virtuous woman displays integrity, kindness, and wisdom, possesses moral excellence, and acts according to godly principles.

“By exemplifying these qualities, she becomes a trustworthy and supportive partner to her husband,” she said.

She, however, stressed that being a suitable helper does not mean being inferior or subordinate but as a partner who complements and assists the man.

According to her, this supportive role that virtuous women play involves offering support, encouragement, and sharing the responsibilities of life’s challenges and endeavours.

Mrs. Nyamekye further noted that a virtuous woman positively impacts her family and community because her actions and attitudes shape the atmosphere of her home, nurturing love, respect, and unity within the family.

“She extends her positive influence beyond her immediate family, impacting her community through acts of kindness, charity, and service,” she added.

Concluding her message, Mrs. Nyamekye said that every virtuous woman is a priceless treasure and must always conduct themselves as such.

She, therefore, encouraged women to cultivate these virtues in order to enhance their relationship with their husbands whilst contributing to their personal growth and fulfilment.


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