‘Arrest’ Children For Christ Before The Police Arrest Them For Crime – Children's Workers Told web

‘Arrest’ Children For Christ Before The Police Arrest Them For Crime – Children’s Workers Told

In a passionate plea to children’s workers, Apostle Semenya Yao Dogbe, the Takoradi Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has emphasised the urgent need to “arrest children for Christ” before they fall victim to a life of crime.

Delivering a presentation titled “How the Children Ministry is Run in the Takoradi Area” at the ongoing 2023 Foundation Builders Conference (FBC’23) of the Children’s Ministry, Apostle Dogbe highlighted the critical importance of instilling moral and spiritual values in children during their formative years.

Drawing inspiration from Luke 18:16-18, where Jesus calls for children to come to Him, Apostle Dogbe stressed the need to catch children at a young age for Christ, ensuring their transplantation into the House of God and securing the future sustenance and growth of the church.

Quoting Psalm 92:13-14, he emphasised the promise that those transplanted into the Lord’s own house will flourish, remaining fruitful and vibrant even in old age.

Apostle Dogbe acknowledged the challenging world in which children live today, characterised by occultism, violence, disregard for authority, high rates of drug abuse, negative influences from social media, and various forms of sexualism.

He expressed concern over the dangerous trend of some children being trained for terrorism instead of being equipped to spread the gospel. He questioned whose responsibility it is to save these children for Christ before they become victims of crime themselves.

Aligning with the Church’s vision for 2023, “Possessing the Nations,” the Takoradi Area has placed a strong focus on the children’s ministry.

According to him, the leadership, workers, and members have been diligently nurturing and equipping children with the principles and values of the Kingdom, fostering their growth in wisdom, stature, and favour with God and humanity.

Citing Mark 9:36-37, where Jesus welcomes and values children, Apostle Dogbe emphasised that children have a share in His kingdom.

Apostle Dogbe said that. Children make up 27.91% of the total church membership of the Takoradi Area, emphasising that with these impressive statistics, Takoradi Area Children’s Ministry can potentially become a missions field for The Church of Pentecost in the future.

He outlined some activities the ministry undertook in addition to Sunday morning classes, such as intergenerational services, Jethro initiative classes, community clubs, and teachers’ training sessions.

He said the ministry has also implemented flagship projects of the Children’s Ministry, including the Box Library and One-Child-One-Bible.

He also stated that the Children’s Ministry collaborates with the Home and Urban Ministry (HUM), Ministry to People with Disability (MPWDS), and the School Outreach Ministry to reach out to children and orphanages, visit hospital children’s wards, and connect with basic schools.

“Additionally, the Takoradi Area generously donated 214 half pieces of clothing, valued at GHC 26,040.00, to minister’s wives in eight internal missions areas in Ghana.

“Takoradi Area Children’s Ministry donated 214 half pieces of cloth to ministers’ wives in eight areas of internal missions of Ghana valued at GHC 26,040.00. The presentation took place at PCC during the November Head’s meeting in 2022,” he said.

The second edition of the Foundation Builders’ Conference is currently underway at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, under the theme: “Rekindling the Zeal of the Children’s Worker for Maximum Impact.” The four-day conference, which began on Tuesday, July 5, 2023, had over 1000 children’s workers in attendance nationwide.


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