Gomoa Eshiem

Woman Regains Lost Eyesight

62-year-old woman, Mary Essel, from the Abeadzie Assembly of the Gomoa Eshiem District in the Winneba Area of The Church of Pentecost, who had been suffering from sight impairment, was instantly healed during a crusade organized by the church.

The four-day gospel crusade took place from 18th to 21st November 2019, at Gomoa Eshiem.

According to Madam Mary, on her return from the farm one day, an object fell on her eye and since then she had not been able to see well. Before she was prayed for, she described Overseer Prince Duvorn Daniels-Hortsoe, the District Minister, like a black tree.

However, she regained her sight instantly after she was prayed for. She was full of gratitude to the Lord God Almighty for healing her.

Report by Overseer Solomon Kwasi Kyei, Odina-Oguaa District.

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