Why PENSA-Ghana Conference?

In a world where Christianity grapples with other religions for the salvation of souls and the holistic development of youth, PENSA conferences play a pivotal role, particularly within The Church of Pentecost. The upcoming PENSA (Pentecost Students and Associates) Ghana conference is an event that students and Christian youth across Ghana and nearby African countries should prioritise attending.

The PENSA Ghana Conference stands as a crucial gathering for Pentecostal students and young adults across Ghana. These conferences offer abundant opportunities for faith enrichment, leadership development, academic growth, and the fostering of community ties among the next generation of Pentecostal church members. The pressing question is: Why should I, as a young adult, attend the PENSA Ghana Conference?

The conference delivers spiritually enriching messages, teachings, seminars, and workshops designed to nurture the Christian faith and Pentecostal beliefs of attendees or participants. Through this event, the youth become immersed in the doctrines of The Church of Pentecost and the core values of the church. Attendees gain exposure to impactful and seasoned speakers (devotional speakers), engaging worship sessions, and insightful Bible teachings and discussions.

Furthermore, Leadership Development stands out as a key essence that should draw every youth to this conference. The event motivates participants, especially students, to discover and strengthen their gifts and talents, empowering them to become effective student leaders within the spiritual environment. Leadership training sessions equip participants with skills and best practices for leading ministries, groups, students, organising community outreaches, and supporting the growth of the church, especially in local churches in rural areas.

Moreover, the conference provides a platform for seasoned Pentecostal ministers and church leaders to attend, connecting with and providing guidance and mentorship to students and young adults on their spiritual journeys. They offer insights into handling real-world challenges with biblical principles, addressing academic issues, overcoming relationship challenges, and navigating purpose-driven career paths.

One of the most interesting and pivotal aspects the conference offers is the opportunity for young adults and students (tertiary students) to network and connect with others. Participants expand their networks by interacting with like-minded Pentecostal students and young adults from across Ghana and tertiary institutions. This networking can lead to invaluable friendships, and in some cases, marriages, as shared by past participants and ministers of The Church who met their life-long partners through the conference. Additionally, these connections can lead to ministry collaborations, career opportunities, and other mutually beneficial relationships within Pentecostal circles.

Beloved students in tertiary institutions, young adults, and members of The Church of Pentecost, considering the numerous benefits of attending the PENSA Ghana conference, I extend a warm invitation to the 2024 edition of the PENSA Ghana Conference. The event will take place from January 2nd to 5th at three centres, namely Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, KNUST, and UDS-Tamale.

Written by Quaicoe Dennis (Editor Librarian, PENSA-Pentecost University)

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