Oduman District Holds Couples' Dinner web

Oduman District Holds Couples’ Dinner

The Oduman District of The Church of Pentecost has held a dinner for couples in the district to spice up their marriages.

The colourful event, which took place on Boxing Day [Tuesday, December 26, 2023] at Oduman Guest House, brought couples together to interact and learn more about marriage. 

In a short address, the District Minister, Pastor Solomon Azagisiya, said marriage is like a school one attends, saying, “You keep learning as the days and years go by. It is, therefore, necessary to meet from time to time as couples to interact with one another and learn from our experiences. 

Pastor Azagisiya advised couples to keep working on their marriages and solve their problems themselves. However, he implored them not to hesitate to seek counsel from marriage counsellors or ministers of the gospel when the challenges were beyond them. 

To help renew their love and strengthen their marriages, he advised couples to go out occasionally to release some stress. 

Some of the activities at the dinner included ‘pick and act,’ ‘how well do you know your partner,’ ‘couples’ dance,’ and ‘couple’s interview and dining.’ These activities made couples discover things they need to do in their marriages, how to handle difficulties in marriage, and the things that make their partners happy.

Some couples shared their marriage experiences. 

As stated in Ephesians 5:22-26, wives were advised to be submissive and husbands loving in order to keep their marriages healthier and happy. They were also advised not to deny each other sex, which is a critical aspect of marriage.

The dinner was attended by both members of The Church of Pentecost and non-members. 

The participants appreciated the organisers of the programme and called for another one to be organised next year. 

Report by Oduman District Media Team

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