Try Jesus! – Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye To People In Despair

Try Jesus! – Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye To People In Despair

The Anyaa-Ablekuma Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle William Ohemeng-Kwakye, has urged persons in a state of despair (hopelessness) not to give up but rather seek the Lord’s intervention.

According to Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye, Jesus can be trusted to solve any challenge that life poses because He has a proven track record of doing the impossible.

The Anyaa-Ablekuma Area Head said this yesterday during the morning session of the ongoing “Accra for Christ” crusade held at the Oduman Central Assembly church auditorium.

Making reference to Acts 10:38 and Luke 4:18-19, among other Bible texts, the minister noted how Jesus healed many of their sicknesses, while citing the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:43.

“The woman received her healing just by touching Jesus’ garment by faith,” he said.

The Area Head also alluded to how Jesus raised Lazarus, who had died and been buried for some days, back to life to the astonishment of many witnesses.

Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye said that Jesus again proved that He has authority over evil spirits when He liberated Mary Magdalene from the demons that had possessed her.

The Area Head finally mentioned the miraculous event recorded in the Bible of how Jesus caused coins to appear in the mouth of a fish.

Apostle Ohemeng-Kwakye further noted that there are many miracles credited to Jesus during his relatively short life on earth and these affirm His omnipotence.

“The Jesus of the Bible is the same today and forever and is still in the business of working miracles,” he further noted.

He said that Jesus Christ came to earth to redeem humanity from every bondage, stressing: “Jesus Christ was born for our sake.”

The Area Head, therefore, urged persons overwhelmed with life issues to turn to Christ and He would give them rest. 

“No matter what your challenge is, please try Jesus. All you have to do is to surrender your life to Him and make Him the Lord of your life,” he said.


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