Torkorni District Inaugurates French Assembly web

Torkorni District Inaugurates French Assembly

The Torkorni District in the Hohoe Area of The Church of Pentecost has officially inaugurated its French Assembly, bringing a new sense of community and spiritual connection to the town’s French-speaking residents.

The vision for the French assembly was initiated by the District Minister, Pastor Hope Kofi Lumor, who was recently transferred to the Hohoe Area. 

He realised the need to embrace the local population’s diverse linguistic backgrounds and reach out to those who speak French.

Pastor Lumor was inspired by the groundwork laid by his predecessor, Pastor Francis Kofi Mensah, who started a French class for some church members.

He and his team decided to build on the foundation and embarked on a mission to connect with the French-speaking community. They went door-to-door, sharing the gospel and inviting people to join the church. They also organised a two-day French rally, which attracted many people from different backgrounds and denominations. The rally was successful, as about 12 persons gave their lives to Christ.

Pastor Lumor expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our church’s mission is to spread the love of Christ to all peoples and languages, including French. Thus, we embarked on this journey to reach out to the French-speaking community, and today, we celebrate the birth of the French Assembly.”

He thanked God for His grace and guidance throughout the process. He also thanked his team and the church members for their support and prayers, encouraging the new converts to remain faithful and grow in their relationship with God.

Report by Don Simon

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