War, Faith & Redemption: Insights From The Middle East Crisis

Happenings and life in the Middle East, where life in this world started, haven’t been easy in recent weeks. Even though events towards the end of this age are unfolding faster than expected, my thoughts and deepest condolences are with all who have lost and are still losing loved ones, not to mention the excruciating pain and suffering the most vulnerable in society are going through. May the Lord God of Mercy intervene for cool heads to prevail in Jesus’ Mighty name. Here are a few lessons from the current impasse for our reflection:

Sin is a scam

We are here today, unfortunately, due to sheer disobedience to God’s Word right from the Garden of Eden through history, even until now. Disobedience to God’s Word doesn’t deliver the shortcut it promises. May God help all of us to obey His Word because He is the only one who knows tomorrow from today.

Jesus is the safest bomb shelter

I overheard someone granting an interview saying she was currently hiding in a safe room or a bomb shelter. Sadly, she added that she wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her in the next minute or two.

Technology and the world may attempt to shelter the human body to some extent. However, it doesn’t have what it takes to protect the spirits and souls of humankind. The surest, tested, and tried BOMB SHELTER is THE NAME OF THE LORD! The Ancient of Days is a strong Tower ready to welcome all who are ready to run to Him. Are you in your bomb shelter now?

Humans can be wicked, but God is merciful

World leaders are currently negotiating for a HUMANITARIAN CORRIDOR or a safe passage for the civilians, women, children, and the sick caught up in the crossfire to be moved to a safe location. Here again, warring factions may not easily offer such concessions even when that appears to be the obvious and the least to do. The good Lord Jesus has, however, offered freely a DIVINE CORRIDOR or a safe passage through this barren and ever-degenerating land unto Eternal Life through Christ Jesus. Luckily, this corridor is accessible to all who decide for Jesus during the days of their lives but not after their death.

Earthly possessions are worthless

The online photos of the destruction of lives and properties are also mind-boggling, to say the least. Some of these vehicles and prestigious high-rise buildings were once the pride of their owners out of their efforts and sweat. Today, they have all been reduced to rubble. The Lord Jesus was, therefore, on point when He advised that we lay our treasures in Heaven where no missile or rocket will ever find. We must rethink if we are so fixated on the wanton acquisition of earthly possessions. I saw a family leaving home and most of their belongings behind, walking to an unknown location and not sure if they would survive the next day. They could just not move along with those possessions. God, have mercy! It is, therefore, also true that we brought nothing into this world and we can take nothing out of the world.

Spiritual warfare is real

The footage attached shows a day and night missile bombardment in areas perceived to be enemy targets. Are you, therefore, surprised to learn that the devil equally fires wicked rockets against believers who have voted to be on the Lord’s side? Your disbelief in spiritual warfare doesn’t nullify its reality. Scripture rather admonishes us not to argue but to put on the full armor of God so we can stand during such deadly onslaught against us. The world calls it an IRON DOME or anti-missile dome, but God calls it the believer’s armory.

Hell is real

There are some who still believe that God isn’t wicked enough to design and construct a place called Hellfire for humans to suffer eternally. However, some of the horrific pictures of the fire and smoke ascending into the skies only strike a chord that the D-day will indeed be catastrophic for Satan and his cohorts. God did not design Hellfire for humans, but the devil is busily campaigning for many to join him there. Unfortunately, some in the world have volunteered to become foot soldiers for his campaign team. Therefore, be kind enough to your own soul and spirit by surrendering your life to the lordship of Christ while you are still alive.

Siblings can be at each other’s throats

Per biblical accounts and history, the warring factions (Israel-Gazans) are indeed blood brothers and sisters. If cool heads don’t prevail, members belonging to the same household can fight tooth and nail until whatever they seek is entirely destroyed.


Lord Jesus, please be merciful and go to the aid of the suffering masses in both Israel and Gaza. Kindly intervene for cool heads to prevail so a DIVINE corridor would be allowed for the humanitarian aid workers to access the vulnerable. Finally, I pray that You reveal Yourself and Your love to all the warring factions, so they can come to Your saving knowledge. Thank you, Jesus. AMEN!

Written by Pastor James Orhin Agyin

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