The Ultimate Showdown Pensa-Knust Tetelestai Games Unleashes Spectacular Competition web

The Ultimate Showdown: PENSA-KNUST “Tetelestai Games” Unleashes Spectacular Competition

“All work and no play,” they say, “makes Jack a dull boy.” This Jack is not a dull boy but a holistically equipped young transformer. The much-talked-about Easter Convention of PENSA-KNUST climaxed on the 31st day of March 2024 could not have had a better finish without the socialisation and games, dubbed “Tetelestai Games.”

In the weeks leading up to the Easter convention, a massive publicity campaign was conducted. Anticipation fliers were shared across all social media platforms, and the nine departments were paired with the respective departments they would be competing against. The departments in PENSA-KNUST include Music and Drama, Evangelism, Bible Studies, Prayer Force, Ushering, Organising, Editorial, Media, and Transport. The members received this news with jubilation and eagerly anticipated this grand event to see which department would emerge victorious.

April 1st, 2024, the day dawned with members already at the bus stops by 8:00 AM. The eagerness and enthusiasm were palpable. By 11:30 AM, all the members were gathered at the park, ready to commence the program. The games kicked off with racing competitions and sack races. The competitors sprinted off amidst cheering and encouragement from the crowd. This was followed by musical chairs, with rounds for both ladies and gentlemen. The musical chairs session was not only entertaining but also insightful and educational. Following this was the lime and spoon race, where competitors balanced a lime on a spoon and raced with it. The crowd cheered and jeered in good spirits, emphasising the importance of balance, focus, and speed in the race of life.

Subsequently, soccer matches were held with departments competing against their paired counterparts. The Local Central Committee (LCC) also faced off against the Shepherds and Stewards (S&S), creating a sight to behold as assistants teamed up to play against their superiors. This friendly competition not only helped relieve academic and other forms of stress but also fostered camaraderie and collaboration between members working towards the common goal of kingdom progression.

Concurrently, video games, chess, cards, ludo, table tennis, dame, and skipping were played under canopies raised outside the park. Members were free to choose any game to participate in and were visibly enjoying their time. The Resident Campus Minister, Pastor Jonathan Ebo Quaye, engaged in a game of table tennis with the members, breaking down barriers and showcasing his approachability and care for all.

Over 410 Members graced the PENSA-KNUST TETELESTAI GAMES at Atonsu Astroturf. A remarkable turnout! Water stations were set up to ensure members stayed hydrated, and food was provided to sustain their energy throughout the activities. At the conclusion of the soccer matches, the Ushering department emerged as the victorious department, followed by Bible Studies in second place. Gold and silver medals as well as a gold trophy were awarded to the departments amidst jubilation and cheers. Furthermore, student entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to sell their products during the socialisation event, allowing them to generate capital and promote their businesses. In addition to the focus on socialisation, members were actively engaged in evangelism even amidst the games.

As the day progressed and night began to fall, it was a heartwarming moment for the brethren of PENSA-KNUST to come together, socialise, and build lasting connections. Tetelestai!

Written by PENSA-KNUST Media Team

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