The Grass Is Not Always Green

A couple of months ago, I passed by the corridors you are seeing in the footages above .

The grass and vegetation looked dry, neglected and miserably hopeless.

This time around, however, it was a different story all together.

Wow! The Holy Spirit taught me these seven (7) lessons worthy of sharing:

1. Do not envy people in their glorious and happy moments; For you know not what they might have been through.

2. Do not also scorn and laugh at those in challenges because when their rains and their pastures begin to look green, you may not be able to behold their sight. Indeed, No condition is permanent. Once the rains start, the grass will look good again.

3. As Christians, let us remember that The Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, and early Fathers of the faith had their turns of spiritual dryness and glorious moments. Therefore, when things begin to go haywire, let’s maintain our composure and wait upon Him. For HE knows how to calm the troubled soul and make the wounded spirit whole again.

4. Continue to trust in the Lord during your dry season because the Lord of the rains is alive and faithful

5. As I passed by a couple of months by the same corridor, there were no birds, grazing animals or traces of human activity, but this time around, the story is different. It is, therefore, a true saying that Success has many friends. Fret not when friends begin withdrawing from you during your “dry” season. It’s normal.

6. You may not be the only reason for the rains and greener pastures because as you can see from the picture, the Cows and birds were all feasting quite well. So, humble yourself and be measured when things begin looking good.

7. Connect to the Lord Jesus Christ and His rains of life everlasting will make you evergreen.

Written by Pastor James Agyin

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