Fetish Priestess Surrenders To Christ

Madam Fubon Tadi, a fetish priestess at Kundrikura in the Savannah Region of Ghana, has surrendered her life to Christ and given up her idols to be burnt.

Narrating the incident, the Jinavore District Minister, Overseer Benjamin Alinia, said he met Madam Tadi during a house-to-house visitation exercise and shared the gospel message of Christ with her.

He said that, although Madam Tadi accepted the message wholeheartedly, she was afraid to give up her idols for the fear of getting killed.

After she was prayed for by the minister and his team, Madam Tadi, with renewed confidence, led them to her shrine where she handed over all her charms to be destroyed.

Subsequently, Madam Tadi requested to be baptised in water to affirm her faith in Christ. She has also received Holy Spirit baptism and is now in full fellowship with the Church at Kundrikura.

Report by Sawla Area Media Team

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