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Sindaa District Mission House Dedicated

The newly-constructed mission house for the Sindaa District in the Sawla Area of The Church of Pentecost has been dedicated.

The Sawla Area Head, Pastor David Amankwaa, on Friday, December 30, 2022, dedicated the building during a special service held at the Sindaa Central Assembly church auditorium. The Area Head was assisted by the Sindaa District Minister, Overseer Samuel Yeboah, and a cross-section of the area pastorate and their wives.

Exhorting congregants on the topic: “And Moses Finished the Work” with Exodus 40:33ff as a scripture reference, Pastor Amankwaa said that God desires to dwell with His people as seen in the Old Testament.

He further noted that, due to Christ’s redemptive work on the cross in the New Testament, God does not only dwell among His people but lives in them.

The Sawla Area Head explained that when it comes to building the Temple of the Lord, the one tasked to do it must be careful to employ all the patterns God has outlined to build as directed.

Quoting from Philippians 2:12-13, Pastor Amankwaa advised the congregation to work out their salvation with fear and trembling, but, more importantly, finish their assignment, just as Moses finished the building of the Tabernacle. He stressed that glorification comes after one finishes the work of God.

He, therefore, prayed for ministers and members gathered to receive grace from God to propel them to finish their God-given assignments well. 

Pastor Amankwaa concluded his sermon by asserting that every mission house or temple must be filled with the presence of God. He added that the minister of God has an instrumental role to play in ensuring that the abiding presence of God is always felt at both premises.

Present at the service were Mrs. Rosemond Amankwaa (Wife of the Sawla Area Head), as well as members of the Sindaa District and other well-wishers.

Report by Sawla Area Media Team

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