The Four Power Workings Of Jesus: Reflections From The “Tema-Ashaiman For Christ” Crusade

While watching the live telecast of the recently held “Tema-Ashaiman for Christ” crusade on Pent TV, as many people stepped forward to receive the workings of the Lord Jesus Christ in diverse needs, the Holy Spirit gave me an intuition into these workings as Elder Seth Yaw Peasah led them during the divine healings and prayer sessions.

These are what the Lord laid on my heart as Elder Peasah spoke about virtues that went out from the Lord Jesus unto his audience and those who approached him (Jesus) for diverse miracles. The workings are thus termed because the Lord Jesus said in John 5:17 that, “The Father is always at work to this very day, and I too am working.” Broadly speaking, we have two kinds of this work – the teaching and power ministrations of Jesus – Acts 1:1b.

I wish to dwell on the power workings of Christ for the sake of this presentation. These workings can be referred to as the different approaches the Lord Jesus administers healings, exorcisms, etc. to his followers in the confirmation of the written or spoken Word of God. I wish to also emphasise that what I am about to share with us may not be the only definite ways Christ channels out his workings. There may be other forms, for we know that our God works in mysterious ways. Meanwhile, the four types of power workings of Christ are discussed as follows;


This is an unannounced encounter and breakthrough that takes place in the life of a person that the Lord touches during prayers or declarations. Silent workings play a vital role during prayer encounters. Here, many of the congregants at any gathering in Jesus’ name may receive this touch of God in the Spirit. This also means that God is always working behind the scenes for the well-being of all who call on him and come to him.

The Word of God is Spirit (John 6:63); it works in the spirit realms first before manifesting in the physical realm. When the Lord works in the heart of the individual, the process is usually silent, but the outcome becomes dumbfounding – Matthew 15:28. Sometimes it is worrying to hear some congregants say at prayer meetings, “The man of God did not touch us,” and others also usually say, “We did not feel anything.” Beloved, be encouraged that the Spirit and the Word of God are at work in you, and silently the fruits will be evident in you too.

Just as a garden plant sprouts, grows, and branches out to maturity, and no one sees how this growth happens, exactly so is how our Lord does silently heal us when we approach him for mercy. I speak under the unction of the Spirit of God, that may God silently touch you and make you whole, in Jesus’ name!


This is a quick move of the power of God over the life of the individual waiting for a miracle or a change of whatever circumstance that might be taking place in his/her life. It happens so fast, especially for new believers and people with great faith – Luke 7:2-10, Mark 10:52.

In certain dire situations and especially on the brink of death circumstances, it may need the swift intervention of God for a touch of salvage, quick restoration, and such a speedy grant of grace from above. In Mark 1:30-31, some of the disciples of Jesus had to immediately inform him of the fever of Simon’s mother-in-law who was down on bed. Jesus immediately went to her, took her by the hand, and she was made whole. Praise the Lord!

Newborn babes in the faith usually receive this kind of grace from the Lord. The reason is for them to grow in their newfound faith with the Lord – Psalm 8:2. For instance, when a sister is in Church for a few months or years and she gets the open door for her marriage, etc., do not envy her but praise God for the fulfillment of the Word of the Lord.

On the other hand, a believer with great faith can also receive this kind of workings from the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus usually says, “Your faith has made you whole… Mark 10:52, Luke 8:48, 17:19, etc. With faith and especially the great kind of faith, anything is immediately possible! May the Church of God raise young believers to become possessors of this great faith, O Lord increase our faith!


This is an active strong power that comes out from the Lord Jesus to effect healings in some sort of chronic situations in individuals hoping for encounters – Mark 5:30.

The Lord God is described in Psalm 24:8 as, “Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.” It is stronger circumstances that require a stronger God to deal with them. We must be certain in our minds that there is nothing impossible to the Lord. It must be noted herein that the kind of virtue that went out from the Lord Jesus to heal the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years was a strong working power – Mark 5:30.

Beloved, it is the same kind of power from the Spirit of God that Jesus calmed the raging sea (Mark 4:37-41). No amount of strong force of disturbance, sickness, instability, chaos, and torment can ever stand before the Living Jesus who has all power strongly vested in His Name – Luke 10:17.

Luke 8:27-33 reveals a stronghold of lunatism called legion that was dwelling in one man. O what a state of destruction this man would be?! That very day, Jesus met him on the shores of Gerasenes and cast out all the 6000 demons from this man, glory be to Jesus! Usually, this kind of exorcism of demons will be fierce and such a sight to behold – the clash of two powers between God and the kingdom of darkness bringing deliverance to the soul of this demon-possessed man. Hallelujah!


Usually what seems impossible to every normal human being and it turns out to be possible will bring an awe before the sight of men. For instance, when the blind suddenly sees, the lame walks, the dead brought back to life, the leper is cleansed, the hunchback is healed, etc. Above all, when the sinner repents and receives Jesus as Lord and Saviour – Matthew 11:5.

In the District Minister’s Report Format of The Church of Pentecost, there is a section called Spectacular Events, which records events of rare healings and awesome miracles. Some of such will be, for instance, a barren woman gives birth after 38 years of marriage, a man born blind sees after 30 years, a dead person comes back to life after 3 days, and the list goes on. When you have such great faith in the Lord and have persisted in waiting for the spectacular sign and wonder from the Lord Jesus, anything becomes possible!

Jesus told Nathaniel the disciple in John 1:50-51 that, “…you will see greater things than that… and the angels of God descending and ascending on the Son of Man.” I would want to call such an incident a spectacular event. After the outpouring of the Blessed Holy Spirit on the Disciples, the Apostles of the Lord Jesus did mighty signs and wonders through the Name of Jesus. Peter, for instance, did some extraordinary signs and wonders through the Name of the Lord, as recorded in Act 5:15, “As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by.”

If a believer waits and gazes on the Lord with unwavering faith, mighty things that are uncommon to discuss in everyday matters will definitely take place. Imagine a hunchback suddenly disappearing from a person during prayers. Can you imagine how the reactions of a Church Congregant would be when almost immediately in prayers, a man with one amputated leg receives this leg back? The whole Church may lie face down to worship the Lord who does such spectacular miracles. O God, let these happen also in our days!


In conclusion, every believer in Christ must catch this revelation so that it wouldn’t matter the bigness of the problem we bring to the feet of Christ in prayer; we only need to lift up our faith to him. As to how or when the Miracle Worker Jesus will do it will rest on him; whether silently, swiftly, strongly, or spectacularly. May the Lord Jesus Christ touch you even now in these four dimensions. Amen.

Written by Pastor Rexford Osei Kwame (Sefwi Kwamebikrom District, Essam-Debiso Area)

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