Bawku Area Records 2,332 Souls During Aggressive Evangelism Month web

Bawku Area Records 2,332 Souls During Aggressive Evangelism Month

The Bawku Area of The Church of Pentecost achieved a significant milestone by recording 2,332 souls during the recently observed Aggressive Evangelism Month last November.

The initiative, dubbed the ‘One Member; One Discipled Soul (1M1DS) project,’ aimed at encouraging members to engage in aggressive evangelism exercises to lead many into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The project was officially launched by the Area head, Pastor Eric Gyacham, on October 24, 2023, at the Area level. District ministers and presiding leaders were also tasked to replicate the same at their respective districts and local assemblies.

During the launch, the Area Head outlined various strategies for the exercise and encouraged ministers and leaders to teach and encourage all their members to be involved.

Particular emphasis was placed on house-to-house and personal evangelism. Smaller groups within the assemblies were created and tasked to carry out this form of evangelism.

Members were also encouraged to intentionally identify and build friendships with unbelievers and ultimately lead them to Christ.

Proper records were kept for weekly monitoring and evaluations. Individuals who performed well were identified and appreciated to serve as motivation to others.

Additionally, prayers were raised across all locals for this exercise weekly.

The success of the 1M1DS project in the Bawku Area underscores the dedication and commitment of the church community to fulfilling its vision of winning souls for God.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of the harvest, for granting the Church this massive yield.

According to the leadership of the Area, pragmatic efforts are underway to disciple the converts into full membership.

Report by Bawku Area Media Team

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