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Take A Step Towards Salvation – Apostle Dekpor Inspires Unbelievers

The Asankrangwa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Daniel Dekpor, has encouraged all and sundry to take a decisive step toward their salvation.

He said that once they take this step, God will save them and give them a new life in Christ.

“In the presence of the Lord, salvation is ever-present and accessible,” he explained. 

He revealed this in a sermon he delivered during the “Asankrangwa For Christ” Crusade at Boadum Park in Asankrangwa.

Apostle Dekpor stated that the same divine power that raised Jesus from the dead is actively at work in the present, irrespective of the challenges one may face.

Quoting from Acts 3:15 and 1 John 5:11, he said the creation account in Genesis, where God transformed the formless Earth through His spoken word, bringing order and light. 

Apostle Dekpor said it was on this very day that God infused life into the Earth.

This, according to Apostle Dekpor, signifies the profound significance of Jesus as the source of life. 

He explained that just as God’s spoken word brought life to creation, belief in Jesus brings life to the believer.

Apostle Dekpor encouraged the congregation, stating, “You simply need to take that crucial step to accept Jesus, and God will save you.”

He illustrated the three significant events in Genesis: the creation of Adam and Eve, their relationship with God, and the entry of sin, causing a breakdown in that relationship. Nevertheless, he said, God’s love was demonstrated as He covered their nakedness, signifying the beginning of regeneration.

Drawing from Ephesians 2:1, Apostle Dekpor emphasised the power of Jesus to bring life even in situations where sin leads to death. He recounted the story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, close friends of Jesus, and how Jesus, though arriving three days after Lazarus’s death, displayed His authority over death.

“Salvation and healing are not distant promises; they are immediate realities available to you now through belief in the Son of God,” he revealed.

Apostle Dekpor declared that regardless of the gravity of one’s situation, be it an addiction, immorality, or spiritual death, Jesus has the power to transform lives. He underscored that Jesus is the sole source of life in any situation.

He continued: “Life is not found in anyone other than Jesus Christ. When you accept Jesus as your personal Saviour, He doesn’t merely coexist with you; He takes control of your life, granting you a divine nature, and nothing can stand against you. With Christ within you, your life becomes extraordinary.”


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