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See Yourself As A Victor – Elder Kesse Encourages Believers

Elder Stephen Awuah Kesse of the Agona Prayer Centre of The Church of Pentecost has emphasised the importance of seeing oneself as a victor, regardless of life’s circumstances.

Speaking on Friday, October 27, 2023, at the Mckeown Temple in Asankrangwa New Town, on the topic: “Champion In A Cave,” Elder Kesse reminded believers that even in the face of adversity, victory is assured because God is always with them.

Drawing from 1 Samuel 22:1-2, Elder Kesse cited the trials and tribulations of David, who remained steadfast in his faith despite being pursued by King Saul. 

He encouraged believers not to be disheartened by their problems but to trust in God’s ability to deliver them. 

He stressed that being a champion means having no fear and confronting every situation with courage. This courage, he said, comes from fasting, praying, and reading the word of God.

The sermon also underscored the importance of knowing that God is always with believers and that He hears their prayers. 

Elder Kesse urged believers to develop a strong relationship with God and maintain constant communication with Him.

He urged believers to see themselves as champions, capable of overcoming obstacles through faith and courage.


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