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Do Not Neglect The Gift In You – Apostle Danzerl Tells Christian Youth

The Achimota Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Joseph Danzerl, has admonished Christian youth to use their God-given potential and spiritual gifts to make a positive impact in their generation.

He said this during his first meeting with the youth in the Achimota Zone in the Achimota Area on Monday, October 23, 2023, at the Achimota Central Assembly auditorium.

Speaking to the theme “Making a Positive Impact as a Christian Youth,” and quoting 1 Timothy 4:12-16, the Area Head recounted how the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy, a young leader, to give attention to the study of God’s word, exhortation, and sound doctrine in order to save himself and others.

He pointed out that in order for Timothy to have a positive impact as a young man in his generation, he was admonished to use his gifts in addition to practicing sound biblical doctrine.

Apostle Danzerl intimated that “When you neglect your gifts as a youth, you become passive, and when you become passive, the church suffers and her zeal fades.”

“Have the mindset to positively impact your generation; you cannot be passive any longer. Instead, get involved and put your gifts to use for the Lord is with you,” he stressed.

Touching on making a positive impact, the Area Head stated, “A positive impact is all about exhibiting Christlike Character, making sure your inactions and actions are in line with God’s word in order to transform one’s generation and lead people to Christ Jesus.”

Using 1 Samuel 17 to highlight David’s attributes as a young man, the Area Head stated that David was obedient, bold, skilled, and above all, he feared and believed in God, which enabled him to be a part of the solution in his generation. 

He further noted that Joseph also became a blessing to his generation because of his unwavering faith in God in the face of adversity. Joseph was rejected, mistreated, sold into slavery by his brothers, wrongly convicted, and imprisoned, but he became a part of the solution in his days because the Lord was with him.

“Just as Joseph’s imprisonment served as a stepping stone to his greatness, so will the Lord turn every adversity and evil scheme to your favour,”

“If you are on fire for God anyone who attempts to harm you will work in vain, for greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world,” the Area Head exhorted.

Apostle Danzerl admonished the youth to be resolute in their fight against sin and not to be pressured to sin against God just as Daniel and his friends resolved not to defile themselves with royal food and wine.

“It is the word of God we keep in our hearts that keeps us from sinning. Joseph was able to flee from sin because he kept and valued the word of God,” he said.

“You are not just anybody, don’t let people push you to do things that are against God’s word, ” he reiterated.

What do you have to make an impact in the church? The young boy in John 6:9, gave his lunch to Jesus to perform a miracle to feed over five thousand people, what are you giving to Jesus to use to bless your generation? he quizzed.

Apostle Joseph Danzerl urged Christian Youth to fully trust in God because He is faithful from generation to generation. He concluded, “One of the most painful things is a Christian Youth who does not trust in God and instead consults mediums in the face of adversity.”

Mrs. Dorcas Danzerl, the wife of the Achimota Area Head, the Area Youth Leadership and other Youth Ministry workers were also present at the meeting.

Report by Achimota Area Media Team

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