Sankor District Central Church Building Dedicated (2)

Sankor District Central Church Building Dedicated

The Sankor District Central Assembly church building named in the Winneba Area of The Church of Pentecost has been dedicated to the glory of God.

The colourful service which took place on December 30, 2020, was officiated by the Area Head, Apostle Samuel Otu Appiah, assisted by the District Minister, Overseer Anderson Anner, as well as the Pastorate in the Area.

Delivering the sermon on the theme, “Towards a Good Maintenance Culture” taken from 1 Kings 14:25-28, the Abasraba District Minister, Pastor Emmanuel Foster Asamoah, said that maintenance culture in Ghana was not encouraging. A situation, he said, was destroying public infrastructures such as roads, schools, hospitals, among others.

“This canker which did not begin today is affecting Christians to extent that some fail to take proper care of God’s property,” he bemoaned.

Expounding the scriptures, he stated that King Solomon built two buildings – a temple and a palace – and made everything in the temple, including drinking vessels, pure gold. He indicated that Solomon reigned in Jerusalem as king over Israel for forty years and that after his death, his son Rehoboam was made king. It was during the reign of Rehoboam that King Shishak of Egypt went to Jerusalem to ransack the gold and vessels in the temple.

“Rehoboam did not protect the property made by King Solomon,” he said. He urged believers to safeguard the salvation they have received in Christ so that no one takes it away from them. “Just as Shishak, King of Egypt, attacked Rehoboam, so the devil also attacks believers,” he said, adding, “The devil takes away the protection of God. Therefore, let us put on the whole armour of God.”

According to Pastor Asamoah, Rehoboam made bronze shield in place of the golden shield. He implored Christians not to replace the protection of God with anything, as some Christians are not concern about the property of the church.

“Be mindful of whatever God has entrusted to your care. People in-charge of church property have to also dedicate their bodies to the Lord as living sacrifices,” he stressed.

Report by Pastor Isaac Sunkwah, Winneba Area Reporter.

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