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Repositioning Our Choral Groups For Maximum Impact: The Case of the Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir

Amidst the awe-inspiring miracles, signs, and wonders that characterised the recently-held “Greater-Kumasi for Christ” Crusade, a resounding melody rose above the congregation—a melody that not only soothed souls but also carried the power to heal. This melodious gift came from none other than the spiritually-charged “Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir.”

Curious minds may wonder: How did this remarkable choir come into existence?

During the four-day crusade, I had the privilege to engage with Pastor Godfred Ebo Dadzi of the Atonsu District and Pastor Isaac Baah Yeboah of the Asokwa District, the leaders of this yet-to-be-famed choir that held participants captive within the expansive Heroes Park at the forecourt of the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

They revealed to me the fascinating tale of the choir’s formation, its directors, and their far-reaching vision for the years ahead.

Formed in preparation for this monumental event, the Choir took shape a few months prior to the crusade in August. The group comprises choirs from the branches of the Church in Asokwa, New Tafo, Suame, Kotei, Abuakwa, Kwadaso, Bompata, and Atonsu—all nestled within the Ashanti Region.

The Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir stands as a harmonious embodiment of unity and spiritual fervor, much like the “Voice of Pentecost” (VoP), the official choir of The Church of Pentecost.

Under the dedicated guidance of Elder Emmanuel Amofa, the Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir regularly convened to fine-tune their harmonies. Leading rehearsals and vocal training sessions were the steadfast Managing Director Gideon Kofi Gyimah (PIWC Asokwa), Inspector Daniel Oti Sarpong (PIWC New Tafo), and Sarah Akua Addo (PIWC Suame).

Their efforts paid off as the relatively-young Choir exceeded all expectations with powerful ministrations throughout the event.

The Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir proved beyond every reasonable doubt that songs are powerful weapons that believers must effectively employ in the work of ministry. They also proved that hard work indeed pays and that excellence is possible.

This should serve as great motivation for church leaders, chorus leaders, and choirs at the various levels of the church to see singing as a ministry and reposition our choirs for maximum impact.

We must also be prepared to make the right investments (time, passion, and resources), bearing in mind that songs can also be used to lead souls to Christ and enhance the church’s worship life.

It is worth noting that several remarkable choral groups within the Church have been making great strides. Noteworthy among them are “The New Song” (TNS) choir of PIWC-Odorkor, the captivating “Altar of Praise” (ALTOP) choir of PIWC-Downtown Ofaakor, “The Rising Glory” choir of PIWC-Asokwa,  “The Evangels” choir of Achimota District, the melodious “Celestial Voices” of PIWC-Tesano, the vibrant “Grace” choir of PIWC-Graceland, and the soul-stirring “Throne of Praise” (ToP) choir of A-Lang Worship Centre in the Odorkor Area. These emerging groups are among several others taking the singing ministry to new heights.

It was, therefore, refreshing to hear the leaders of the Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir say that their vision extends beyond the immediate event, expressing their desire to participate in more programmes in order to nurture their growth and amplify their spiritual resonance.

As the melodies from the Greater-Kumasi Mass Choir continue to reverberate, it is our prayer that their profound impact on hearts and souls during the recently-held crusade will echo through the ages.

Written by Joseph Attoh (Pent Media Centre)

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