Postin District Dedicates First Church Building After 30-Year Wait web

Postin District Dedicates First Church Building After 30-Year Wait

In a momentous celebration, members of the Postin District of The Church of Pentecost gathered at the Buduatta Assembly church building on January 6, 2024, to witness the first church building dedication in the district in 30 years.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and gratitude as officers and members marked this historic occasion, a significant milestone since the district’s establishment in August 1994.

The Winneba Area Head, Apostle Daniel Tackie, conveyed his sincere gratitude to God, acknowledging the divine guidance that led the district through decades of challenges and struggles, ultimately culminating in the realisation of a dedicated church building.

He emphasised that every step taken was intricately woven into God’s master plan, highlighting divine foresight that comprehends the end from the very beginning.

The Area Head expressed, “God knew that he, together with the district minister, Pastor Isaac Acquah, would come and dedicate the church building,” offering a profound reflection on the orchestrated fulfilment of a long-awaited journey.

Pastor Michael Awuni, serving as both the Mumford District Minister and the Wunneba Area Secretary, delivered an exhortation under the theme “Equipping the Church as an Unleashing Centre.”

Drawing inspiration from scripture, specifically Ephesians 2:19–22, Exodus 25:1–8, and 1 Kings 8:41, he illuminated the significance of the church as a transformative space.

Pastor Awuni emphasised its pivotal role as a hub for equipping individuals, empowering them for ministry, and instigating positive change in their world.

The speaker enumerated essential characteristics of the church, including being the seat of power, a place where God’s word meets human character, a hub for discovering and unleashing gifts, a centre for unity and community, a space for prayer, and a stronghold for averting calamities in the nations.

Concluding his message, the Winneba Area Secretary stressed the importance of resourcing the church with projectors, baptisteries, and other essentials while emphasising the need for ongoing maintenance.

Delving deeper into this notion, Apostle Tackie reiterated the crucial necessity for church leaders to depend on the Holy Spirit for both guidance and empowerment.

Stressing the weightiness of leaders’ responsibilities when featured on the speakers’ plan, he emphasised that embracing this reliance on the divine would not only enhance their effectiveness but also transform them into vessels God can proficiently utilise within the church—the pivotal hub for equipping and unleashing spiritual potential.

In tracing the chronicles of the church building, Pastor Acquah illuminated the numerous challenges faced, notably three collapses.

Despite these hurdles, the district was faithfully guided by divine intervention to complete the construction, a journey initiated in 2012.

Building upon Pastor Acquah’s historical account, Obirifo Ahunako Ankobea Ahor II, the Gomoa Akyempim Paramount Chief who assumed the role of the first presiding elder for the local assembly in 1999, delved into the church’s formative years.

Undeterred by the adversities encountered, he steadfastly supported the church, generously contributing an acre of land, albeit encroached upon.

Additionally, he disclosed plans for a mission house designated for the proposed district, underscoring a commitment to the church’s sustained growth and development.

The construction of the Buduatta church building, which faced setbacks but ultimately triumphed, incurred a cost of GHS 123,820.00.

The event witnessed a diverse congregation of ministers and their spouses, featuring prominent figures such as Pastor Enoch Amoah, the former District Pastor, and Obirifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobea II, Omanhene of Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, accompanied by his wife.

Notable attendees also included Elder Bannor from the Ablekumah Area, Deaconess Ekua Tawiah Asemenyi, and representatives on behalf of Elder (Hon) Kwadwo Asemenyi, the former Gomoa MP, and Hon. Desmond Baidoo, the current Gomoa MP.

In addition to these distinguished guests, the ceremony attracted Area Executive Members, with Mrs. Abigail Naa Densuah Tackie in attendance, as well as officers from Gomoa Potsin.

The heartening presence of numerous members further added to the joyous atmosphere, creating a collective celebration of this remarkable achievement within the community. To God be the glory.

Report by Pastor Emmanuel Foster Asamoah

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