POEM | God Is Raising And Repositioning An Army

God is raising an army for a purpose, 

A generation that will speak about the cross, 

A people who are not focused on status, 

The visAion and agenda they can sing in a chorus 

Men and women who are not callous, 

But uphold the call and task as precious.  

For wealth and fame they see as surplus. 

God is repositioning an army for impact; 

In readiness they are poised to act. 

The banner of salvation they raise as fact.  

All and sundry they target to attract. 

For the kingdom of God to expand.  

God is repositioning a generation; 

A people yearning for transformation, 

With great power and authority, they preach salvation, 

Setting captives free and bringing restoration, 

For the ultimate reward they see as motivation.  

God is raising and repositioning individuals, 

Intellectuals and all who uphold the Bible as manuals,  

An assignment they see as sacrificial and spiritual and  

Upholding righteousness and the fear of God as usual;  

For they’re committed to the task and remain punctual.  

God is raising an army that will stoke the fire,  

A people filled with power like live wire,  

An unquenchable desire they work with till they retire.  

Like a writer they’re ready to inspire,  

Until everyone aspires for a life higher.  

God is at work in His working gear,  

In every corner and ghetto, He will appear,  

Strengthening the weak and casting away fear, 

Getting busy and repositioning people every year,  

For His words all people will clearly hear.  

The living stream they’ll drink and become refreshed like deer 

And hold the Sword of the Spirit like spear.  

God is raising an army for the truth,  

A people who remember God in their youth,    

And are not yet ready to keep mute, 

With great power, they talk about the absolute truth, 

Out of which they bear lasting fruits,   

For they develop new shoots from the heavenly root.  

God is raising an army as a Father,  

A determined squad ready to go farther,  

The ‘possessing the nations agenda’ they pushed further,  

For the vision they know is bigger,  

To transform the uninformed into a learner,  

Until all are nurtured to become a treasure.  

God is raising and repositioning His church,  

A people who’ll not sit unconcerned on the bench,  

But match forward with a strong urge. 

Come all who have no place for the soul to perch,  

For the Kingdom of God is bigger for all to converge; 

A place of eternal joy without any dirge.  

 God is raising and repositioning an army. 

Have you not heard about it?  

Do you not see the move of the Spirit?  

And are you ready to be positioned in the army? 

Written by Ovr. Ernest K. Akorli, Kpasenkpe District.  

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