Non-Church Of Pentecost Couple Donates Bus To Adankwame District

It was a moment of joy when the Adankwame District in the Suame Area of The Church of Pentecost received a donation of a Kia Grand Bird bus, worth GHS 310,000.00, from Mr Kwame Amankwah and his wife, both non-members of the Church.

Pastor Kamal Kwakye, the Adankwame District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, had been burdened with the challenge of his church members trekking or commuting long distances to attend district and area programmes. With the district not in a financial position to acquire a bus to meet this challenge, Pastor Kwakye kept seeking the Lord’s intervention until his request was miraculously met. However, what was more surprising and inspiring was the means through which the Lord answered his prayers.

It all happened on Thursday, December 30, last year, during the district’s prayer programme, dubbed “Emergency Prayers.” During the prayer session, the Pastor received a word of wisdom (revelatory knowledge) that his request for a bus would be met through two people present at the meeting.

As he shared this with the congregation, Mr. Kwame Amankwah and his wife stepped forward. According to the couple, the Lord had long laid it on their heart to purchase a bus for a church, but they were yet to decide on the beneficiary church. So, what the Pastor said confirmed what the Lord had already laid on their heart. The couple, therefore, pledged to acquire the bus for the district.

Three months later, Pastor Kamal Kwakye received a phone call from the couple informing him of their readiness to buy the bus. To the glory of God, they kept their promise and presented the bus to the district on March 21, 2022. 

The bus was officially received and dedicated to the Lord by the Suame Area Head, Apostle John Obeng Kesse, on April 28, 2022 after the Area’s prayer programme, dubbed “Jericho Hour” held at Abrepo.  

Apostle Obeng Kesse thanked the couple for their generosity and pronounced the Lord’s blessings on them. He also advised the Adankwame District to adopt a good maintenance culture so as to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.

Pastor Kwakye, overwhelmed by the events that had transpired said: “Adankwame is the second farthest and one of the less-endowed districts in the Suame Area whose financial position would not be able to buy a bus. However, the God of Pentecost who makes all things possible did it for Adankwame District through a non-Church of Pentecost couple.”


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