Couple Constructs Church Building For Avega Assembly

Mr Samuel Anso Yevu and his wife, Martha, both of Kpoeta Central Assembly of The Church of Pentecost, have single-handedly constructed a church building for the Avega Assembly in the Kpoeta District of the Hohoe Area.

According to Mrs Yevu, a Deaconess of the Church, the Lord laid it on their hearts to put up a church building and later settled on Avega as the beneficiary assembly.

Consequently, the couple bought a plot of land and commenced the project until its completion. Mr and Mrs Yevu are, however, reluctant to reveal the total amount spent on the project, saying: “That is between God and us.”

The church building was dedicated on Thursday, November 18, 2021, by the Hohoe Area Head, Apostle Moses Ahiakor, with assistance from the Kpoeta District Minister, Pastor Emmanuel N Gordor.

The Area Head, ministers, ministers’ wives, and the others present at the event expressed joy at the benevolent gesture.

Report by E.N. Gordor

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