No Hindrance Can Prevail Against The Glorious Church – Apostle Nii Tackie (4)

“No Hindrance Can Prevail Against The Glorious Church” – Apostle Nii Tackie

The Wa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Daniel Nii Tetteh Tackie, has asserted that no hindrance can prevail against a glorious church.

He said this in a sermon titled, “No Hindrance,” during an ordination service that took place on Friday, December 11, 2020, where a total of 170 officers, comprising 36 Elders, 75 Deacons, and 59 Deaconesses were ordained.

The ordination service was part of a two-day Area End-of-Year Prayer Retreat held under the theme, “May His Eye Watch Over the Glorious Church.”

Reading from Ezra 5:5, Apostle Tackie explained that God moved the heart of Cyrus, a heathen king of Persia, in his first year to put into writing the urge to reconstruct the temple in Jerusalem and to see to the provision of the needed resources.

However, he said, during the days of kings Xerxes and Artaxerxes, stern oppositions arose against the reconstruction of the temple. According to him, when Darius became king of Persia, another opposition was staged by governor Tattenai and his associates who petitioned King Darius to stop the reconstruction of the temple. He stated that because of the edict of King Cyrus during his first year, the hindrances could not materialize.

Apostle Tackie established that the distractions did not prevail because the “eye of their God was on the Elders of the Jews, so they did not stop them” – Ezra 5:5. He intimated that the eye of God is upon His glorious Church to possess the nations and that no distraction or whatsoever can stand against the Church.

Citing the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land, Apostle Nii Tackie added that not even the Red Sea could hinder God’s plan for the Israelites. He was emphatic that neither the COVID-19 pandemic, persecution nor hardship can distract the Church, because the eye of God is upon the Church.

He reiterated that the only distractions that can prevail against the church are when the members are divisionary, proud, and engage in ungodly acts.

He called on ministers, officers, and members of the Church to eschew all manner of sin including sexual immorality, financial unfaithfulness, pride, among others. Rather, they must be fervent in prayer, Bible study, fellowship, evangelism, among others.

Apostle Daniel Nii Tetteh Tackie also reminded the newly ordained officers that they have been called to service and not merely in name.

Report by Pastor Gordon Ansah.

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