Nation Transformers Are In Christian Homes – Prof. Adei web

Nation Transformers Are In Christian Homes – Prof. Adei

Professor Stephen Adei, a former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), has posited that the home is the best avenue for the intergenerational transfer of the Christian faith.

He said the home remains the potent force for instruction in solid Christian values, ethics and morals.

According to the founder of the Ghana Christian International High School, the people expected to transform the nation are in the Christian home. However, he observed that only a few people are working at winning and discipling them.

Presenting a paper on the ‘Christian Home and National Development’ at the 2nd All Ministers Conference ongoing at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Prof. Adei mentioned the home as a place of worship of God and a demonstration of unconditional love and affection. 

“If we train our home to be salt and light, our children can’t help but preserve the moral fibre of society,” he said.

Prof. Adei opined that every Christian has three callings: to abide with Christ, tell their families what the Lord has done, and go into the world and preach the good news. 

“Your home is the first place to testify if you’ve really met the Lord. They know you inside-out, but when they see the change, then you have won them for Christ.” 

He advised parents to make Jesus the Saviour of the home and its Lord, stressing that Jesus must be the head of the family and his word must rule.

He said since the Church continues to serve its purpose of disciplining Christians, the church in the Christian home can meet seven days a week. “The family must meet to share the word of God regularly and pray for themselves, the Church and the nation,” he stated, adding that the home is a den of protection, a means of God’s provision and above all the house of God.

He said if the home is well-discipled, it becomes an instrument for social cohesion, economic and political development and spiritual transformation. He disclosed that discipling the home takes time and requires intentional efforts. 

“Parents must give the needed attention to the home, and be intentional about it,” he said.

He said time management becomes crucial in this enterprise of discipling the home and admonished parents to use their precious time for discipling the home. He tasked the gathering to learn to balance their time at work and make time for discipling the home. 


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