Let Believers Take Dominion And Rule The Nations – Apostle Dr Kpikpi web

Let Believers Take Dominion And Rule The Nations – Apostle Dr Kpikpi

The Senior Pastor of The City of God Church and Apostle to the Newfrontiers Churches in West Africa, Apostle Dr John Kpikpi, has charged Christians to rediscover the icon of faith to enable them to take dominion and rule nations to truncate the corrupt and immoral practices flooding the Ghanaian society. 

Addressing participants of the 2nd All Ministers Conference on Thursday at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, Apostle Dr Kpikpi expressed concern about how people perceive politics as a dirty arena that men and women of God ought not to partake in. 

The Apostle to the Newfrontiers churches in West Africa was speaking on the topic, “The Church; God’s Hope for the Transformation of the Nation.” 

Apostle Dr Kpikpi believes that God intentionally calculated a time for Joseph to go and serve in the palace of Portifer, which was a very close position to governance, so he could take charge and avert problems in times of difficulties to save a nation. 

He urged Christians not to vacate the seat of governance for unbelievers. He pointed out that when Jesus Christ was born, the prophecy attributed to him was that his throne would be upon his shoulder, and he would be called the wonderful counsellor and ruler. 

“Therefore, as believers who carry the DNA of Christ, we must step up our effort to control and rule the nations,” he stressed.

The City of God Church Senior Pastor said thrones and rulership were created and made sacred and pure by God. Therefore, Christians must take up the mantle of rulership to fulfil the promises of God for the nation. According to him, governments should jiggle when they hear of believers staging up for transformation. 

Apostle Dr John Kpikpi maintained that politics originated from the Bible. He noted that Jesus Christ had to defend himself before political leaders; therefore, believers should not consider politics a dirty game and quit. 


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