Integrate Faith And Formal Education – Archbishop Palmer-Buckle Calls web

Integrate Faith And Formal Education – Archbishop Palmer-Buckle Calls

The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Cape Coast Dioceses of the Catholic Church, Most Rev. Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, has challenged managers of the educational institutions in Ghana to integrate faith formation and formal education into the educational system in the bid to produce citizens who are morally sound for national development.

“In fulfilling the Great Commission, faith formation is crucial and inseparable from each other in order to form a proper person, a holistic human being who would mature into a full stature of Christ,” he said.

He added: “An integration of faith formation and formal education in the nation for humanity, as well as service to people, would leave a lasting legacy for the next generation notwithstanding the challenges today.”

He stated this on Thursday when speaking on the theme, “Moral Vision and National Development – The Catholic Church Perspective,” at the 2023 All Ministers Conference (the biggest non-denominational gathering of Ghanaian church leaders) at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh near Kasoa.

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle stated: “Education of the head, the heart and the hands ought to be inseparable and indispensable. It must rather be aligned to ensure that the holistic development and formation of citizens is in line with the kingdom of God and its principles.”

Sharing lessons and best practices from the Catholic church’s perspective on building a morally sound nation, Archbishop Palmer-Buckle said that the Catholic church undertakes the grooming of a lot of people for Christ-like leadership in all the various aspects of human endeavours, be it politics or traditional, civil service, industry and enterprise, academia and legal, among others. 

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle further called for a denunciation of all that is unrighteous, evil and contrary to the values of the kingdom of God. Challenging the ministers, he reiterated the need for Christians to bring to bear their qualities of salt, light and yeast in fulfilling the Great Commission.

“Our salt should purify us as leadership of Christianity of our rot and unrighteousness. The light of Christ that we bear should enlighten the darkness in our lives as leaders of the Christian population in Ghana. Our yeast should proactively be empowering of all circumstances of those entrusted to us,” he said.

He stressed: “There is only one moral vision, and it is Christ Jesus Our Lord. The 1992 constitution is the blueprint of moral vision and should not be taken for granted.”


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