Miraculous Healing At Gador District Christmas Convention web

Miraculous Healing At Gador District Christmas Convention

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the Gador District in the Afram Plains Area of The Church of Pentecost witnessed a remarkable event at their Christmas convention, demonstrating the incredible power of faith and the healing touch of Jesus Christ. 

Mr Andrews Bokor of Tribu Assembly of the church, who had been paralysed and bedridden for a year, got healed.  

For an entire year, Mr Bokor had been confined to his bed, unable to walk or even sit. His wife, Mrs Osime Norvekeku, approached him after attending the convention’s first service. Her heart filled with hope, she urged her husband to join her in seeking divine intervention for his healing. However, feeling defeated and resigned to his condition, he initially refused, stating, “You know I can’t walk.” Despite this setback, Osime never lost faith in God’s power to heal her husband.

Upon hearing of the situation, the District Minister, Probationary Overseer John Mark Oppong Asare, and his elders agreed to visit their home in response to Osime’s plea. Upon arrival, they found Andrews appearing lifeless, with little hope for improvement. They offered heartfelt prayers, seeking divine intervention and healing for him.

The following day, Andrews, bedridden for a year, rose from his sick bed and stood as if he had never been afflicted, bringing great joy and jubilation to the church and the entire community.

This glorious event took place on the first day of the Gador District Christmas convention, held at Tribu under the theme, “Jesus Christ, the Glory of God on Earth is Born.” 

The convention became more than just a gathering of believers; it was an incredible platform where the glory of God was manifested through remarkable healing and restoration.

Report by Probationary Overseer John Mark Oppong Asare.

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