Ministers' Wives Urged To Live Within Their Means pn

Ministers’ Wives Urged To Live Within Their Means

Mrs. Mabel Darko, wife of the Twereboa District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, has advised ministers’ wives to strive to live within their means even in the face of societal pressures.

Mrs. Darko gave this advice on Thursday, July 6, 2023 at the Greater-Accra Region Ministers Wives prayer meeting held at the Dr. Thomas Wyatt Memorial Temple in Accra.

Drawing inspiration from Matthew 6:25-34, Mrs. Darko highlighted the need for ministers wives to align their lifestyles with their financial capabilities.

 “We must cut our coats according to our material. In other words, our lifestyles must align with our financial realities,” she emphasised.

She further advised  them not to place unnecessary pressure on their husbands’ finances through extravagant spending or unsustainable practices.

She said that when they embrace lifestyles that aligns with their financial means, they would achieve financial stability and foster healthier relationships within their families.

Mrs. Darko highlighted several factors that commonly put pressure on women’s finances such as pressure from family, social function commitments and unnecessary comparisons with others, among others.

“The tendency to compare oneself with others can drive unnecessary and often unaffordable spending,” she cautioned and rather urged them to be content with what God had blessed them.

To help ministers wives manage their finances effectively and find contentment within their means, Mrs. Darko provided practical guidance such as budgeting, encourage open and honest communication:with their spouses about financial matters, prioritising needs over wants, and engaging in financial literacy programmes or seeking professional advice in order to make sound financial choices.


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