The Souls Of Children With Disabilities Are Precious To God – Pastor Nyame web

The Souls Of Children With Disabilities Are Precious To God – Pastor Nyame

The Coordinator of the Ministry to Persons with Disabilities (MPWDs) of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Alexander Nyame, has urged Children’s Workers to strive to integrate children with Disabilities (CWDs) into the Children’s Ministry because they are also precious to God.The MPWDs National Coordinator made this passionate appeal when he addressed participants of the Foundation Builders Conference (FBC’23) yesterday at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh.Quoting from Psalm 127:3, Pastor Nyame reminded Children’s workers that children are a gift from God, a reward bestowed upon humanity. “This gift is not limited to those without disabilities, for a child with a disability will grow into an adult with a disability. Each soul, irrespective of any physical or mental challenges, holds immeasurable worth in the eyes of God,” he said.Pastor Nyame also referred to Genesis 1:26-27 to buttress the point that God intends no person to be left behind. He explained that the spiritual nature of all souls, including those with disabilities, remains unaltered and unaffected by physical limitations, as mentioned in Revelation 20:11-12 and 1 John 3:2.Highlighting the various types of disabilities, Pastor Nyame noted that not all children with disabilities are born with their impairments. He further explained the different types of disabilities children face, including deafness, visual impairment, developmental delays, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, albinism, and neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He observed that CWDs encounter daily barriers in the form of social, attitudinal, physical, architectural, and information or communication challenges, and the church can alleviate these challenges by ensuring their full inclusion into the church.To address the inclusion of CWDs into the Children’s Ministry, Pastor Nyame proposed several strategies, such as making meeting venues for Children’s Ministry classes accessible to all children and ensuring equal participation. He also advocated for the proactive preparation of children in the ministry to accept and welcome CWDs, promoting a change in attitudes towards CWDs and fostering inclusivity.The MPWDs Coordinator further stressed the importance of planning lessons with children with disabilities in mind, tailoring activities and materials to accommodate their unique needs. He also encouraged the integration of CWDs into all Children’s Ministry activities, including Bible study, prayer, and initiatives like the Jethro Initiative and OCOB initiative. “We must also extend invitations to children with disabilities outside the church, ensuring that no child is left excluded,” he said.Pastor Nyame also underscored the need for adequate support for children with impairments and suggested that parents of children with disabilities be included in the team of teachers at the Children’s Ministry, saying: “By doing so, the church can create an environment where children with disabilities truly belong.”Pastor Nyame ended his presentation by reiterating that children with disabilities are individuals with souls who require equal opportunities for the salvation of their souls. He, therefore, urged children’s workers to allow the Holy Spirit to instil in them a special love for children with disabilities within them, as every soul counts.PENTECOST NEWS.

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