Mampong Area Youth Ministry Organises Awards Ceremony

The Mampong Area Youth Ministry of The Church of Pentecost recently hosted a prestigious awards ceremony to honour exceptional districts, groups and individuals within the area.

The awards, sanctioned by the esteemed Area Head, Apostle Samuel Kwabena Asare, recognised outstanding performances in the National Youth Music and Drama Contest as well as the National Youth Quiz competitions of the Church at various levels.

The event, held on May 1, 2023, took place during the one-day Area Youth Retreat at the Mampong Tunsuom Central Assmebly auditorium. Over 400 youth members attended the event.

Prior to the award presentation, the Area Youth Ministry Leader, Overseer Enoch Kumi, delivered a heartfelt message on behalf of the Area Head, emphasising the significance of the awards scheme.

“This awards scheme aims to acknowledge and show appreciation to these exceptional individuals and groups for the honour they have brought to the area through their remarkable achievements in the church’s Youth Ministry competitions,” he stated.

Furthermore, Overseer Kumi encouraged all the youth in the area to seize the opportunities presented by these competitions, urging them to harness their God-given talents and use them to make a positive impact on their generation for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The awards were bestowed upon deserving recipients who had displayed exceptional skills and dedication in their respective fields. Among the distinguished awardees was the Heavenly Voices Choir of Kasei District, which secured first place in the maiden edition of the Music and Drama contest at the area level in 2021. Their awe-inspiring performance showcased their talent and devotion to their craft.

The Glorious Singers of Wiamoase District were also recognised for their consecutive first-place wins in the Music and Drama contest at the area level in both 2022 and 2023. Their consistent excellence exemplified their commitment to artistic expression and musical prowess.

Elder Jacob Asare Konadu of Jamasi District received a well-deserved award for his remarkable achievement as the area’s Quiz Trainer for over five years. His dedication and commitment to mentoring the youth in the field of knowledge and intellectual pursuits were recognised and appreciated.

The highest honour, the overall best award, was presented to Sister Rejoice Ama Nyarko of Kasei District. Sister Nyarko achieved an extraordinary feat by securing first place at the Area level, Zonal level, and Super Zonal level of the National Youth Quiz. Additionally, she achieved an impressive fourth place at the national contest for the Bible Bee recitation. Sister Nyarko’s exceptional knowledge and recitation skills demonstrated her unwavering dedication and passion for spiritual growth.

The awards presented to the deserving recipients comprised a variety of tokens including books such as “Young and Anointed,” written by the Youth Director, Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, certificates of recognition, bibles, half pieces of youth cloth, and bottles of champagne drinks to celebrate their achievements.

The various award presentations were done on behalf of Apostle Samuel Kwabena Asare by Overseer Enoch Kumi, with the support of the Assistant Area Youth Leader, Elder Clement Yeboah.

The Mampong Area Youth Ministry’s awards ceremony served as an important platform for acknowledging and encouraging young talent within the church. By recognising exceptional achievements, the ministry strives to inspire and motivate more youth to explore their abilities and contribute positively to society.

Report by Mampong Area Media Desk

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