Making Retirement A Blissful Journey: Applauding The Pension Board Of The Church Of Pentecost

The Church of Pentecost (CoP), like many institutions, is purpose-built and people-driven. The setup of an impactful organisation like the CoP could only be made possible due to the efforts, strength, hard work, and energies dispensed by her human capital.

Now, as a Christian organisation with a defined mission of preaching the gospel, winning souls, planting churches, and disciplining converts for the kingdom of God, one of the functional resources for fulfilling this mandate is the frontline ministerial staff, herein made up of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Overseers, and their wives.

With the structure of the CoP set in such a way that these people, once called into the ministry, come as full-time workers of the Kingdom, it becomes clear that the only life they know is the culture and environment of the church.

It is here that relationships are built, networks are established, families are consolidated, and associations firmed up. However, like every organisation, there comes a time when growth, age, and policy requirements would demand an old order make way for the new, and the CoP is no different.

At age 65, our gallant ministers and wives are gloriously retired in ceremonies that leave one full of gratitude to God for the opportunity to serve, the fulfilment of contributing one’s quota to the Kingdom come, and the joy of bringing the curtains down on the uphill task of full-time ministry.

After all these, one would have thought that is all there is for the pensioner, and this is where the efforts of the Pension Board of the Church are worth commending.

Over the years, we have seen how, through the great leadership of the Pension Board, efforts have been made to give our gallant retirees a sense of belongingness, the warmth of family, and the needed attention one would love to have at that age of inactivity.

The Pension Board has been involved in the mobilisation of the pensioners into associations in their unique jurisdictions, the organisation of both spiritual and physical retreats and seminars, the pursuit of the well-being of retirees and their spouses, including widows, and the creation of an enabling environment for the retirees to enjoy each other’s company while consolidating their togetherness.

However, my sense of delight was heightened at this year’s retirement seminar, where I observed how a number of programs were put in place not only to teach and resource the participants cognitively but also to provide avenues for them to recreate and have fun.

And it was such a beautiful sight, beholding our fathers and mothers engaging in some of their childhood games like Draft, Ampe, Ludu, and the like, creating not only an avenue to de-stress but also to entertain and bond in the spirit of unity.

From the look of things, one can tell that the managers of our pensioners are doing a yeoman’s job. We, therefore, applaud the systems and dynamic innovation brought into the lives of our beloved fathers and mothers by the Pension Board and humbly urge them to keep up the good work.

At this year’s seminar, participants received teachings on Willing Processes and Procedures, Interstate Succession Law, Emotional Health in Retirement – the Empty Nest Syndrome and its Management, Dieting and Exercising in Old Age, and Investment Insights, among others.

These are nuggets that will equip retirees to walk with their heads held high in this changing phase of their lives. Old Age is an inevitable phase for all of us, especially full-time ministers, but with the efforts being executed by the Pensions Board, one can anticipate a refreshing time when that season comes.

For the joy of the Elderly is the joy of the family; when our fathers are joyful, the home is cheerful.

Written by Pastor Kwasi Asante Annor (General Manager, PENT TV)

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