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Don’t Retire Your Spiritual Gifts – Apostle Ato-Addison To Retirees

Apostle Rigwell Ato Addison, a former General Secretary and a retired minister of The Church of Pentecost, has advised ministers and wives on retirement not to let their spiritual gifts lie dormant but to continue exercising their spiritual gifts.

Apostle Addison gave this advice today when he gave a presentation on the topic: “How to Thrive in Retirement” at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Millennium City, near Kasoa in the Central Region.

Sharing insights into retirement life, Apostle Addison urged his fellow retired ministers and wives to continue engaging in spiritual disciplines such as morning devotion, reading the Bible, and undertaking special prayer retreats.

He emphasised that retirement does not signify an end to one’s relationship with God; thus, it’s important to maintain an active spiritual life even in retirement.

“In retirement, we are more in the presence of God than in active service,” he stated, adding: “When we do that, the presence of God will always be with you, His spirit will be with you, and all the spiritual benefits are with you. This way, the Lord attends to your prayers.”

Apostle Addison also advised them to be actively involved in the Church’s affairs and to take a keen interest in its growth.

He further noted that being engaged in the Church not only yields spiritual benefits but also physical ones.

He also encouraged them to join retired ministers’ associations within the Church and actively participate in their meetings.

“Remaining idle in retirement will accelerate the ageing process,” he cautioned.


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