Leadership Transition: The God Of Pentecost Will Do It Again

The God of Pentecost is an awesome God. The God of Pentecost is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and sovereign. The God of Pentecost is not different from the God described in the Bible. However, just as Yahweh chose to covenant with Israel and intended that the world would know Him through His walk with Israel, so He has done with The Church of Pentecost. Amongst the many churches that He accepts as His own, He has made The Church of Pentecost Israel among them. I say this not out of pride but humility, considering where He has brought the Church from. A people of no repute, mocked, teased, and not considered, He took us from the miry clay and set us on a hill like a light shining to show the way to many. What grace He has bestowed on us for the race! A people of no pace have become the pacesetters. All glory to the Most High God!

Indeed, like the people of Israel in the Bible, He has made a covenant with The Church of Pentecost. The covenant, through prophecy, came in 1931. It was confirmed during an Easter Convention at Winneba in 1940 and was reaffirmed at the 1948 General Convention at Koforidua. His dealing with The Church of Pentecost is so strange and unique. He has remained faithful to His covenant. Spiritually, He has blessed us with men and women who are real and rare gifts. Numerically and geographically, we are becoming like the sand by the seashore. Financially, as the covenant said, “God will meet the Church’s financial needs in season and out of season for all other churches to acknowledge that His divine presence, blessings, and glory are with the Church,” has come to pass. Since the days of old, The God of Pentecost has proven to be a faithful God. Even in the face of COVID-19, we made positive strides. When many were laying off, we were hiring. Halleluia!

The God of Pentecost takes a nobody and makes them somebody without consulting anybody. Who ever thought a 40-year-old young man could become the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost? Many waited for flaws and a flop, but God used the young Chairman Ntumy like He used David. There was astronomical growth. The God of Pentecost has been so good. He has blessed The Church of Pentecost with great leaders after His own heart. At any point in time, He brings us His prepared and chosen vessels. Sometimes there are doubts and skepticism, but the end has always proven the fact that our God is the Nyansabuakwa Nyame (repository of all knowledge). From Chairman James McKeown to Fred Stephen Safo, to Martinson Kwadwo Yeboah, to Michael Kwabena Ntumy to Opoku Onyinah, to Eric Nyamekye, we cannot complain. He has given us the best. From Secretary Joseph Paintsil to Daniel K. Arnan, to Rigwell Ato Addison, to Albert Amoah, to Alfred Koduah to Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, we cannot complain. He has given us the best. From IMD Opoku Onyinah to Benjamin K. Arthur, to Stephen K. Baidoo, to Emmanuel Gyesi-Addo to Emmanuel Agyemang Bekoe, we cannot complain. God has given us the best.

Replacing any of the Principal Officers is always a significant challenge. There is often intense speculation and pressure around who will take over. However, throughout the history of the Church, those who have assumed these roles have proven to be God’s choice. In recent years, changing any of the three Principal Officers has been particularly difficult given the significant impact of their predecessors. Yet, time and time again, the new leaders have laid out their vision and achieved remarkable things, demonstrating that our God is incomprehensible and infinite. I recall when our immediate-past General Secretary, Apostle Dr. Alfred Koduah, was to hand over to the current General Secretary, Apostle A.N.Y. Kumi-Larbi. Many were worried about the impact that Dr. Koduah’s departure would have. However, God has once again proven Himself faithful, using the indefatigable Apostle Kumi-Larbi to accomplish great things.

Similarly, when it was time for “The General,” Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah, to hand over to Apostle Eric Nyamekye, there were whispers of concern. But with the introduction of Vision 2023, it became clear that there was much more work to be done. Through the leadership of Apostle Nyamekye, the “Possessing the Nations” agenda is on course, and a remarkable job has been done so far. From a human perspective, one might pity the next Chairman who will take over. But as in the past, we are confident that God will raise up another giant to lead His Church when the time comes. I remember when the current IMD was appointed, many were taken aback and kept asking, ‘Who is he?’ ‘Can this young man match the standard set?’ they wondered. To everyone’s surprise, in less than three years into the job, God has been gracious and used him to break more grounds for the Church in previously uncharted territories. What an incredible feat!

As the Council Meetings draw closer and our beloved General Secretary prepares to hand over, it is a great burden on all those who have the Church at heart to seek God’s face for a worthy replacement after His own heart. It is also worth mentioning that there will be an election to replace four members of the Executive Council. Therefore, I encourage all of us to pray to The God of Pentecost to do it again for His Church and give us suitable successors.

To the Church populace, let us pray for the will of God to prevail in all deliberations. Let us get involved in the prayers and fasting leading up to the Council Meeting, so that the presence of God will be powerfully felt throughout the meetings. We are certain that the God of Pentecost will do it again! May the God of Pentecost continue to be with His Church and guide our leaders to make the right decisions as He leads them.

As I conclude, I want to humbly make the point that leadership change is not exclusive to The Church of Pentecost but all other churches and institutions. From Presiding Eldership to leadership in the corporate world, change is inevitable. One must always bear in mind that a time will come when they will be replaced. Those of us privileged to be in leadership positions in various areas of life must, therefore, strive to make our mark while in office, for one day we will have to leave the scene. After all, if Jesus could leave the earth and hand over to the Holy Spirit, then no one is irreplaceable.

Written by Pastor Samuel Amoakohene (Bedeku District)

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