La Area Women’s Ministry Holds Thanksgiving Service

The La Area Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost has held an annual thanksgiving service to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God over their lives and families.

The event which took place at the Dr Thomas Wyatt Auditorium in Accra on January 14, 2021, had the wife of the General Secretary of the church, Mrs. Rose Dansoa Kumi-Larbi, as the main speaker.

In a presentation, Mrs. Kumi-Larbi advised Christians to be thankful to God at all times and celebrate His goodness, both in season and out of season.

She noted that showing gratitude to God is supposed to be a lifestyle of every Christian. “It should not be a one-day show-off or only at church meetings. Rather, it should be a regular practice where members are grateful at any point in time of their lives; for that is the true and acceptable worship to God,” she stated.

Reading from Ephesians 5: 20, she charged Christian women to thank God because He has the bigger picture of each individual’s lives. “It is God alone who knows who should live, and who should die,” she revealed.

The General Secretary’s wife noted that when Christians thank God, especially in difficult moments, it shows how much faith they have in God.

Also quoting from Psalm 138: 1-8, she indicated that David was in great distress at the time he wrote the psalm. She said that although things were not working in his favour, he still deemed it fit to thank God, saying, “David remembered and considered all the love, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness God had shown him in the past, with the hope that He can and would take care of his present, as well as his future troubles and fears.”

Mrs. Rose Kumi-Larbi reiterated that when believers cry out to God in praise in their distress moments, God gives them courage and strength to sail through to victory. “You don’t praise and thank God only when all is well with you. We must also praise God in tough times, and even for the fact that He has preserved your life throughout the period,” she noted.

According to her, just as David was thankful to God at all times, believers should equally thank God in the market, home, office, church, etc. “Let’s also thank God for His love, forgiveness of sins, and His word which guides our steps each day,” she stressed.

Concluding her message, Mrs. Rose Kumi-Larbi advised believers to always thank God for His promises and assurances of eternal life and glory in His word.

In attendance were the La Area Head, Apostle John Osei Amaniampong, the Area Women’s Leader, Deaconess Georgina Zepah, and her team, among others.   

Report by Gina Akua Padi.

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