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Ground Up The Youth For Excellence – Apostle Dr Nuekpe Tells Church Leaders

Apostle Dr Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe, the La Area Head of The Church of Pentecost and Executive Council Member-elect has called on church leaders to instill the value of excellence in the youth in all aspects of their work.

According to him, excellence entails standing out among others, being excellent, and striving to be the best in all endeavours.

Apostle Dr Nuekpe said this at the culmination of this year’s National Youth Week Celebration at the Rhema Assembly, Burma Camp.

During his presentation, Apostle Dr Nuekpe referred to 2 Peter 1:1-12, highlighting Apostle Peter’s teachings on living a life of excellence as believers and making a significant impact. 

“Christians are called to exemplify excellence in reflecting God’s glory,” he stated.

He added: “Every youth and Christian should possess this quality; God has equipped you with attributes of excellence for greatness.”

He urged Christians to aspire to operate beyond the standard or societal norms.

Apostle Dr Nuekpe stressed the importance of continually improving oneself and seeking personal growth. 

He encouraged the youth to pursue excellence, reminding them that there is always more to achieve, adding, “Upgrading your skills and abilities; you can reach your full potential in wisdom, knowledge, work, and spirituality.”

Apostle Dr Nuekpe further emphasised that excellence is observable and evident in the lives of individuals who possess it. 

“Those who strive for excellence know their capabilities and consistently build on the gifts God has bestowed upon them,” he hinted.

Citing Proverbs 22:29, he highlighted that excellent people feel their presence wherever they go, stressing that the opinions of others do not sway them but remain focused on their goals as they refuse to succumb to mediocrity. 

He urged individuals to identify their talents and gifts and work diligently to maintain their position of excellence.

The La Area Head stated that excellence is not merely a school subject but a quality of life, emphasising that Christian youth can live lives of excellence by setting themselves apart above reproach.

He said that Christianity goes beyond the mere profession of faith and regular church attendance, noting that their commitment to excellence determines the quality of one’s life. 

Apostle Dr Nuekpe outlined that excellence is achieved through faith and qualities such as nobility, knowledge, hard work, diligence, and commitment. 

Recalling biblical characters such as Joseph, Daniel, and his friends who excelled in their endeavours, he encouraged members to strive for excellence in the walk with God, work and daily lives.

He said that there would come a time when individuals can no longer perform as before, emphasising the importance of being active and pursuing excellence in the present.

Reported by Gina Akua Padi

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