God Desires For Every Christian Is To Be Like Christ – Apostle Samuel Obuobi Asserts web

God Expects Every Christian To Be Like Christ – Apostle Samuel Obuobi Asserts

The General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, has asserted that God’s ultimate expectation for His children (believers) is for them to become like Jesus Christ, His son.

Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi said this today during his presentation on the topic: “Raising Christ-Like Believers to Transform Their Spheres” at the Global Ministers and Wives Conference (GMWC) at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh.

In his presentation, he explained that the redemptive work of Christ in a believer will only be complete when the Christian becomes Christ-like.

“God called us to mould us into the likeness of Jesus. He chose us so we would become like His Son as we live in this world. Indeed, He wants us to reflect the image of His Son or be like Jesus in all aspects of our lives,” he said.

Citing Romans 8:29, he reiterated that the ultimate goal of God for His children is for us to be like His Son Jesus when He appears, yet one reason for which He called us is for us to be cast in the mould of Jesus even as we live in this crooked world.

The General Secretary noted that Christlikeness is the result of the transformation of a person into the image of Christ and the complete formation of Christ within them.

“In other words, it means to be changed, transformed, or metamorphosed into the image of Jesus. So, a person who is like Jesus is the one who has been transformed or metamorphosed into the image of Christ,” he said.

He said that as this transformation occurs, the individual starts to display or exemplify the characteristics and actions associated with the life of Jesus.

According to him, a believer undergoing this godly transformation manifests the qualities and character of Christ within them, ultimately becoming like Jesus Christ.

“They live their life or behave like Jesus would behave. So, for a person to be Christ-like signifies that the person has transformed, taking on the image and behaviour of Christ,” he said.

He advised believers to yearn to have Christ fully formed in them, as it is not enough to be labelled as Christians or followers of Christ.

He said this is critical for the “possessing the nations” agenda of The Church of Pentecost because the only people who have what it takes to transform their spheres of influence with the values and principles of God’s Kingdom are Christ-like believers.

“It is important to note that the indwelling of Christ in us as believers puts a responsibility on every Christian to live like Christ and portray His beauty. Therefore, every child of God is expected to reflect Jesus’ life and ministry in the world. As disciples of Christ, we have the responsibility to model His life and nature in our spheres of influence,” he said.


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