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From Divine Messenger To Comedian: Lessons From The Story Of Samson

Scripture References: Judges 13:1-5, 16:18-25

It is disheartening to witness the transformation of individuals entrusted with the gospel and the profound wisdom of God into mere performers or comedians. Instead of fulfilling their duty to save the lost, they have become entertainers on the pulpit, prioritising amusement over salvation.

Regrettably, it has become a prevalent trend among some Ghanaian preachers and acclaimed prophets to assume the role of comedians on both the pulpit and screens. Rather than focusing on saving souls, they choose to amuse. However, this should not come as a surprise, for when those appointed by God allow themselves to be consumed by worldly pleasures, they eventually lose their relevance and impact as messengers of God. Consequently, their ability to attract people to Christ diminishes as they gradually disconnect from the Holy Spirit, the primary source of effective evangelism.

In their attempt to mask their inadequacy as God’s messengers, they become philosophical orators, uttering words that please people but lack true substance. Unfortunately, our brother Samson can be considered among those who failed as God’s messengers.

Upon initial examination of the story of Samson in Judges 13, it becomes evident that Samson was born with a specific purpose: to save the Israelites (verse 5). As a Nazirite, that is, any man or woman who takes a vow to separate himself or herself unto the Lord (Numbers 6:1ff), Samson possessed a clearly defined mission, a divine mandate similar to the Prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5ff) and our Saviour Jesus (Luke 1:31-33). However, he allowed his love for a woman to supersede his earthly purpose. This led him to lose his connection with heaven, exposing his secret and falling into the hands of the enemies he was sent to destroy. Tragically, in Judges 16:25, Samson was called upon to perform for the Philistines and willingly complied.

How pitiful! Why should we, as messengers called to save people, become comedians to amuse them instead? May God grant us guidance. May our ministries never reach the humiliating point where our only contribution is entertaining people and making them laugh.

Let us be vigilant in our own lives, ensuring that we fulfil our calling and election with confidence before God.

Written by Overseer Seth Frimpong

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