Downtown-Ofaakor Area Holds Officers School, Launches Aggressive Evangelism Month web

Downtown-Ofaakor Area Holds Officers School, Launches Aggressive Evangelism Month

The Downtown-Ofaakor Area of The Church of Pentecost held its quarterly Officers School, a flagship programme attended by all ministers and their wives, as well as all the officers and potential officers in the Area, from October 30 to November 1, 2023, at the Area Office.

The Area Head, Apostle William Kojo Edzorhoho, delivered a message on the theme, “The Seed Planted Must Grow” based on Matthew 13:3-9, explaining that the survival and growth of the seeds sown by God depend on the type of soil they fall on. 

He urged officers to ensure that the evangelistic efforts in the church grow and bear fruits for the glory of God. He warned that some seeds may be bad and unproductive and advised the leaders to take time in preparing the soil of the hearts of the people so that the seed of the word may grow and be fruitful.

He further stated that the purpose of the fruit is to carry and protect the seed for dispersal. He said that the fruit of the Christian is the lifestyle that reflects the character of Christ. 

Apostle Ezorhoho encouraged the officers to live a good and righteous life that would attract others to the gospel and help with a wide dispersal of the seed.

He encouraged the officers to teach intentionally, pray for and build up the members, and trust the Lord to grow them. He also urged them to be watchful and faithful as they serve the Lord.

During the service, Apostle Kojo Edzorhoho launched the Aggressive Evangelism Month and the One-Member-One-Discipled Soul (1M1D) initiatives in the Area. 

He emphasised that soul-winning is the core mandate of The Church of Pentecost and that the church must be vibrant and effective in evangelism. 

He challenged the officers to use all the available resources and methods to win and turn many to Christ. He assured them they would receive the soul winner’s crown when the Lord Jesus returned to take them and the souls they had won to heaven.

He encouraged all officers to get on board and support the Aggressive Evangelism and the 1M1D initiatives and make disciples of all nations for the Lord.

Report by Overseer Stephen Danso

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