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Disciple Members With The Bible – Pastor Tawiah

Pastor Enoch Narh Tawiah, a member of the National Discipleship and Leadership Development Committee (NDLDC) of The Church of Pentecost, has admonished Christian leaders should employ the Bible as the ultimate resource material for discipling others.

He gave this advice during the National Discipleship and Leadership Development Committee (NDLDC) End of Year Meeting and Equipping the Disciple Maker (EDM) Training held at Pentecost Convention Centre, Gomoa-Fetteh.

Presenting a paper on the topic: “Managing the Disciple Making Tools, Disciple Making Skills,” the Pentecost University lecturer said that that the ultimate goal of discipleship is to help others become like Christ.

He further noted that in discipling, the messages given to the disciple must be godly, presented in a godly manner and with a godly motive.

“When interpreting the Bible during discussions, Christian leaders need to ask the following questions: who, what, when, where, why and how,” he said.

He, therefore, urged Church leaders to endeavour to create a suitable environment where others can learn the word of God.

To make discipleship groups effective, Pastor Tawiah advised Church leaders to create a healthy and a relational atmosphere before meetings begin or end, adding, “there must be an accountability where a forum is created for people to bring feedback on living the principles of the kingdom of God.”

He also urged the participants to be specific with the time duration and schedules of their meetings.

According to him, mentorship is a priority for Church leaders when discipling their followers or members and it must be done within small groups so that the mentor would to give adequate attention to each mentee.

“When those we mentor are given the right attention, their issues would be heard without prejudice, self-righteousness and condemnation, rather with a heart of compassion towards their divine purposes,” he explained.

Pastor Tawiah enlisted relationships, dynamic or growth, trust, enabling or assistance, maximising the grace of God, equipping and service, as the elements that facilitates the mentoring process.

In mentoring and discipling others, he advised Church leaders to always exemplify the Christlike traits in all their dealings bearing in mind that they are also disciples of Christ.

“A mentor must be Christ-centred, relational, opened and transparent, trustworthy and facilitate processes,” he further stated.

 Report by Pastor Benjamin Elijah Baidoo

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