A Transformed Agent Transforming The World – The Case of The Honest Taxi Driver

The Church is an EQUIPPING CENTRE where members are transformed to transform the society. That is exactly what our celebrated Taxi Driver, Kwesi Ackon, and his wife, Francisca, have just exhibited.

There is a vast difference between what the world holds dear to that of the church. The world teaches us to focus on money and to do anything to get it irrespective of how one gets it.

The Church, on the other hand, teaches godly principles and values to transform worldviews contrary to the word of God. The moment the Church shifts its focus to that of the world, the world would be plunged into deeper darkness and depravity will reign.

There is a subtle attempt by the world to influence the Church to focus on wealth creation instead of rescuing the perishing and caring for the dying. The Lord Jesus Christ has called us from the world, transformed and equipped us to go back into the world to be agents of transformation in the world. Glory hallelujah!

So, this honest gesture done by our dear brother and his wife, is a fulfillment of the mandate of the Church. When individuals in the Church understand their calling as agents of transformation, the kingdom of God is established here on earth.

What am I saying? When the Church fails her mandate of equipping, the devil will have a field day. Jesus said in John 8:12 (GNB), “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.”

As Christians, therefore, we are the light of the world because our Lord and Saviour is the light of the world. Take out the Church and the world is doomed.

If this is our call, then why the call and pressure from the world to monetize every act of faithfulness and diligence by the individuals of the Church? 

Many have sought to paint The Church of Pentecost as an ungrateful entity just because the Church is not dishing out monies to its agents of transformation. 

The world sees a transformed person, gives him all the attention he/she needs and rewards them in monetary terms and the world expects the Church to do same? Is it that the role of the Church is belittled or undervalued? The Church in all this must be praised and honoured and not vilified as is being done today.

Let’s do a reverse of the Taxi Driver scenario and examine what would have happened?

Should it have been that Mr and Mrs Arkon were not Christians, the said 8,000 Ghana cedis plus would have been lost. The owner, who visibly is an older adult with family dependants could have gone through hell trying to fend for herself and the family. Supposing the said money was her business capital, the loss of the money meant a collapse of her fish mongering business. What of the health implications on the poor old woman, a possible elevation of blood pressure with its associated illnesses? If she is a Christian, then her faith in God could have crashed if not well grounded.

Thank God for such agents of transformation who are transforming their respective spheres of lives. If you are blessed to be one, keep on keeping on for God is a rewarder of the faithful.

  • Article By Mrs. Mabel Cudjoe Amuzu (The Church of Pentecost, Kofiase District – Ashanti Mampong Area).
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