11-Year-Old Boy Leads Father To Christ

It was a great moment to behold when Mr. Isaac Annan stepped forward to rededicate his life to Christ in obedience to an altar call made by his 11-year-old son, Eugene Acquah Annan, at an evangelism rally last Saturday in Accra.

This rally was organised by the Mt. Carmel Assembly Children’s Ministry of the Pentecost University (PU) District in the Odorkor Area at Sowutuom (close to the Police station) as part of the recently held ‘National Ministries’ Rally;’ jointly organised by the Youth, Men, Women, Evangelism and Children’s Ministries of the church nationwide.

At the said event, the 13-year-old Karen Baah-Botwe preached a compelling gospel message on the main theme of the rally: “Behold, Jesus Christ Is Coming, Are You Ready? With Scripture readings from Revelation 1:7 and Matthew 22:44, Karen preached on the second coming of Christ and what it means for all those who have not accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour. She then admonished all and sundry to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved in order to escape the Lord’s wrath on His imminent return.

After the sermon, Eugene, also a Sunday School child of the Assembly, was called upon to lead the altar call and encourage unbelievers in the audience to respond to the message by surrendering their lives to Christ. As he called out to all who were yet to do so, Eugene saw the session as a great opportunity to call out his father, a backslidden Christian, to rededicate his life to Christ.

Without hesitation, his father obliged and stepped forward to accept Christ amidst great cheer and amazement from the audience. Together with two other adults and two children, Mr. Annan was led to dedicate his life to Christ to the glory of God.

In an interview with PENTECOST NEWS after the event, Mr. Annan said, “I have finally come to the realisation that indeed Jesus is Lord, and now I am ready to follow and serve Him willingly.”

The outreach was preceded by an aggressive house-to-house evangelism exercise led by the children and the distribution of gospel tracts to passersby.

The National Ministries Rally was held from September 20-26, 2021, under the theme: “Behold, Jesus Christ is Coming, Are You Ready?” The Youth Ministry led the service on Monday, the Women’s Ministry led on Tuesday, whilst the Evangelism and Men’s ministries spearheaded the services on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was, however, earmarked for an intense prayer session with new converts for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. The Children’s Ministry, on the other hand, spearheaded the service on Saturday. The weeklong exercise was climaxed on Sunday morning with the Gospel Sunday service.


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