Youth Urged To Fervently Propagate The Gospel web

Youth Urged To Fervently Propagate The Gospel

The Youth Ministry Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, has advised young people to passionately propagate the gospel message of Christ wherever they go.

The Youth Director gave this charge during his visit to the Kaneshie Zone in the Kaneshie Area of The Church of Pentecost, where he engaged the youth in an enlightening discourse on effective Gospel-sharing strategies.

Drawing inspiration from Luke 15:7-10, Apostle Hagan emphasised the profound joy in heaven when even one person turns to the Lord, underscoring the imperative of reaching out to all.

Apostle Hagan illustrated the first strategy using the account of Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, in John 1:40-42.  In it, he showcased the power of personal invitation, as Andrew brought his brother to encounter Jesus.

Furthermore, he stressed the significance of utilising probing questions as a gateway to Gospel sharing, citing the narrative of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:23 as a poignant example that clearly illustrates the second strategy.

Reading John 4:27-41, he highlighted the immediate evangelistic zeal of the Samaritan woman upon meeting Christ. “This is the third strategy to share the gospel,” he said.

Concluding, Apostle Hagan reiterated the three key strategies for effective sharing of the Gospel, which are extending invitations to the church, engaging with thought-provoking questions, and boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus.

In line with the five-year strategic vision of The Church of Pentecost, dubbed “Vision 2028,” the Youth Ministry is embarking on a strategic mission to reach everyone and take over everywhere for Jesus Christ. The strategic mission of the Youth Ministry is under the theme: “Grounding Young People in Christ, Reaching Everyone and Taking Over Everywhere for Jesus Christ.”

Notable attendees at the gathering included Mrs. Priscilla Hagan, wife of the Youth Ministry Director, along with the esteemed pastorate of the Kaneshie Zone in the Kaneshie Area.

Report by the Youth Ministry Media

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